Hello home cook enthusiasts!

Welcome to my Complete Cook Book blog.  This is my very first post.  So exciting!

I am very excited to share my recently completed cook book with you all.  My idea is to share my book in bite size pieces for you to enjoy.  I will figure it all out as I go along, so bare with me.

I look forward to you sharing your views and comments with me.

I will be changing the look and feel as I go – hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Bye for now,


3 thoughts on “Hello home cook enthusiasts!

  1. Hey Mandy it looks like your first posts was re-published I received 13 new posts from your blog to my RSS, Im not sure if its just me but just giving you a heads up.

    • Hi Raymund. Thanks so much for letting me know. I recently added the name of my book to the Post Tags in my older posts – I wonder if that has something to do with it. Sorry about the inconvenience. 🙂

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