Measuring conversions

Quite often recipe and cookery books only provide measuring conversions relevant to the recipes in that specific book.

This is a comprehensive list for spoon and cup conversions to millilitres.



Measuring conversions


3 thoughts on “Measuring conversions

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  2. Thanks for this list. Do you have a list that converts grams of lets say flour or sugar to cups

    By the way when I tried to print the measurements it came out as lists of categories, recent posts etc. and the measuring conversions so small that I couldn’t see them

    • Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by. Here is a link to Ingredient conversions that you are looking for.

      I am so sorry about the printing problem. I have spoken with WordPress and they are aware of the problem and are making every effort to have it rectified soon.

      Looking forward to seeing you back again soon.

      🙂 Mandy

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