Cooking times for the perfect steak

We have all at some time or another over or under cooked a piece of steak.  These guidelines will help you get it just right every time.



Cooking the perfect steak can be a challenge, even for chefs.  Use a heavy bottomed frying pan or griddle (ridged pan) and cook steaks over a medium high heat rather than a high heat.  Remember to rest your steak for 3 to 5 minutes before serving by covering loosely with tinfoil so the meat retains its heat.

These approximate times are total cooking times.  Cook your steak for a minute or two longer on the first side before turning.


8 thoughts on “Cooking times for the perfect steak

  1. Are cook times for each side? so for instance 6 mins on one side and then the other for 6mins for a very rare on the fillet.

  2. It’s much easier, at least in the U.S. to decipher the thickness of meats, including chicken, and pork, in inches. I, myself, would be more likely to choose a recipe that uses inches, regarding the thickness of meats.This is a great chart though, and I do appreciate the help.

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