Cheese Cake (1)

I absolutely love cheese cake and even more when it is an unbaked version.  This is the first of two recipes I want to share with you and both are guaranteed to be a hit with the lovers of the baked variety.

Cheese Cake



4 tbsp butter
1 tbsp golden syrup
150g Marie biscuits crushed

6 tbsp castor sugar
2 eggs separated
½ tsp vanilla essence
Juice of 1 lemon
340g cream cheese
142ml cream
1 tsp gelatine
2 tbsp water



  1. Melt the butter and syrup together and mix into the crumbs.
  2. Press down well into a loose-bottomed tin and place in the fridge.


  1. Put the sugar in a bowl with the egg yolks and whisk over hot water until creamy and pale.
  2. Add the vanilla essence and lemon juice and whisk until the mixture is cool.
  3. Add the cream cheese and whisk until mixed through.
  4. Whip the cream and add to the mixture.
  5. Dissolve the gelatine in the water over a gentle heat and add to the mixture, mixing in well.
  6. Fold in the beaten egg whites.
  7. Pour over the hardened crust and refrigerate.


  Submitted by:  Raë Smit, Pretoria


16 thoughts on “Cheese Cake (1)

  1. I’m also a lover of cheese cakes…my sister is a whizz at them and makes a living from making them…I love pineapple cheesecake it was one of my first postings…Yvette x

  2. Cheese cake has to be one of my all time favourite things. May I ask, what are Marie biscuits?

    This looks sooo amazing. I made some lemon torte earlier in the week which I will be sharing over the next few days.

    Yum again!

  3. What a lovely looking cheesecake! You really can’t beat a good cheesecake for a dessert that will please pretty well everyone. Actually, I have a packet of chocolate biscuits in the pantry that would be perfect for a base – hmmm, I’m off to the shops for the rest of the ingredients!

  4. You always make such wondeful desserts!! By the way, how do you manage to cut slices so perfectly?? I can’t!! Tell me how you do!! Please! 🙂

    • Getting clean slices is really easy – well the way I do it. 😉 Just heat your knife in hot water before each slice and always make sure your knife if clean before each slice too. Hope it works for you too.

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