25 Best Cookbooks for Kids

With the festive season officially under way and with all the extra cooking and baking that is happening in all of our kitchens, I am sure a lot of you have little hands eagerly waiting to help.

There are so many wonderful cookbooks available for kids these days and Online Certificate Programs have recently published the top 25 Best Cookbooks for Kids.   Included in these top 25 is a book written by a registered dietician and child nutrition consultant and another that includes a set of colour-coded measuring spoons.    

For some kid friendly and fun ideas have a look at their list of best buys at  http://www.onlinecertificateprograms.org/blog/2010/25-best-cookbooks-for-kids/

I have in no way benefited for giving reference to Online Certificate Programs, merely a friendly mention from me to you. 🙂


6 thoughts on “25 Best Cookbooks for Kids

  1. I like the idea of those measuring spoons. Kitchen activities are a lot of fun for kids and, sadly, a lot of parents are too tired to share this important part of growing up.

  2. thanks for passing along the information to us! Its important to start teaching children about cooking, and the earlier the better. It’s amazing how many of girls have no time in the kitchen, until they get to me.

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