How to test the doneness of your steak

How to test the doneness of your steak


This clever and fun tip should help take the mystery out of cooking your steak to perfection.

Lightly touch your thumb and index finger together and with the index finger of your other hand, poke the muscle pad below your thumb; this is what meat should feel like when it is rare.  

As you touch your middle finger and thumb together, the muscle should tense up a bit, indicating how your meat should feel when it is medium rare. 

Touching your thumb and ring finger together will help you gauge when your steak is medium.

Finally, touching your thumb and pinkie should tell you when it’s well done.


20 thoughts on “How to test the doneness of your steak

  1. I am not the worlds best meat cook and was thrilled to find this method of testing a few years ago – it is brilliant and has made a difference to the quality of my steak cooking!
    Well, that and resting the meat, of course.

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