Bois Cheri Tea Plantation

Bois Cheri Tea Plantation

Last year, my folks visited with us for a week, which was super cool!  It was the week of my birthday so it was extra special.  We did a couple of “touristy” things with them – a first for Pete and I since being here. 

One of the days was a visit to the Bois Cheri (Wood Darling) Tea Plantation – it was brilliant!  You see, I am a tea-addict, albeit that I have managed to cut back to about 6 cups a day!

Anyways, the plantation itself is beyond beautiful, with manicured lawns, hundreds of tree ferns and a big lake (previously a crater), and thousands of tea bushes all neatly planted – just my cup-of-tea, everything all neat and tidy!  There is an explosion of green all around and so spacious!  I honestly didn’t feel like I was still in Mauritius!  

We started with a taste-explosion, nouvelle cuisine style lunch at the Le Bois Cheri Restaurant (tea chutney included) followed by a guided tour of the tea factory.  It is incredible to see the process the humble little tealeaf takes from being picked to our cups!  We ended our tour with a degustation (tea-tasting) with all the different teas now produced at Bois Cheri, including coconut, mint, bergamot (Earl Grey), vanilla, fruity-something-or another, a herbal tea and green tea (plain and Jasmine).  Fun, fun, fun!

I highly recommend a visit to the tea plantation if you visit Mauritius.

20 thoughts on “Bois Cheri Tea Plantation

  1. Sounds incredible. I’ve never been to Mauritius (or SA either for that matter). Just found your blog, so have happily subscribed & look forward to connecting through the blogosphere.
    Cheers Anna

  2. Wow, I never visited a tea plantation before, sounds like fun and educational. I just realized you are from Mauritius and I have a friend who have a husband who is Mauritian he cooks really good Mauritian dishes, all I can say is that I never expected really good food from that island

    • My husband and I are only on contract here in Mauritius and we are due to return home (South Africa) later this year. We have experienced a lot of different Mauritian dishes and they are always flavourful and often have chilli, garlic and ginger as a base and quite often are vegetarian.

  3. Wow these picture are amazing! They remind me of tea plantations in South India. But I can see now that in Mauritius it’s far more beautiful 🙂

  4. Tea is a must in Mauritius. So refreshing and there are so many flavours that will definitely suit any tastebuds!
    Just a little precision: Bois Cheri is not Wood Darling! It is french and it means: “Have a drink, darling!” which also make more sense.

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