Book Burning

It took me working on and off, the better part of a year to compile my book, The Complete Cook Book and I enjoyed every single minute of it.  

As soon as I had it in a workable format, I distributed draft copies to a few people to proof it for me and once I made the necessary changes, I was ready to print.  Well, not so easy here in Mauritius.  There are over 250 printers dotted across this small island but only a handful who print books.  After numerous language barrier conversations, quotations, frustration, and failed promises we settled on a recommended printer who was considerably more expensive than most.

Without belabouring the fact too much, after many stories and lies, a third print later, my book is still wrong!  We have been through iterations of an incorrect cover to a skew back cover to incorrect and missing pages, nothing of which I ever signed off on so I battle understand how any of it go to the printing press.  Sadly not one book was acceptable for selling!

To move on past all the heartache, anger, disappointment and tears, I have decided to add the things I have been putting together for a second edition, which will now form part of an even more comprehensive first edition, which we will print once we return home later this year and will also have it available as an e-book.

While we wait for the reimbursement of our money – as you can imagine, there are long stories from the printer around this too, and to put and end to all that we have had to endure from this printer, each time we light a fire for a braai, we burn a copy or three and I must say, it is very therapeutic.


24 thoughts on “Book Burning

  1. Sorry it’s been such a difficult process for you, Mandy! They create a good flame on the fire. Your new edition will be amazing.
    So Iain’s copy is a limited edition one, then? 🙂
    Sunshine xx

    • Thanks Ruth. Hmm, had a realised the copy I sent for Iain was such a “germors” I would not have sent it. I just assumed that they were all done properly – silly me. It will however be replaced with the new one. 🙂 Maybe I will have to deliver the second copy in person. 😀

  2. Oh, Mandy! I’m so sorry!! I realize publishing books is complicated in every part of the world… How upsetting… I can’t wait to have your book properly published, so don’t give up! Have you ever thought about using Blurb to publish? It sounds pretty enough…

    • I definitely won’t give up and I am looking forward to publishing just as soon as we can. My husband has mentioned Blurb before but ashamedly I leave all of “that” to him. He far better understands it all. Thanks Rita for your concern and help. 🙂

  3. I got so many quotes to do mine that were over the top that I ended up self printing – a cheaper option as I could not think where to start covering the costs if I did not sell any. Please let me know how you make it an e-book (clueless) Good luck my friend 🙂

    • Self printing is another option – what printer do you use? I would love a copy of your book – I will pop over to your blog and order one now. It will be waiting for me as a surprise when I get home later this year. 🙂 I will forward all the details regarding the e-book just as soon as my hubby has got it all sorted, 😉 he is busy researching the best way to do it. I would not be able to do it without him. 🙂

  4. Oh, Mandy! I’m sorry for your frustration and disappointment. I’m wishing you the very best for the next one though!!!

  5. Oh dear, what drama you’ve been through Mandy with this first edition., I guess it would be hugely therapeutic for you all seeing another few copies going up in smoke after all that.
    I’m a big believer in all things are for a reason…, I think your 2nd edition will be awesome, so looking forward to the story of the next round.

  6. Oh Gosh Mandy, so sorry to hear about all the problems you are having to go through just to have your book published!! Enjoy the burning !! 😦 xxx

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