Un-Recipe – Egg on Toast

I have fond memories from my Primary (Junior) School days when my Mom would make fried eggs on toast with sliced tomato for breakfast – it was, well, still is a hit with me.  My version today is with baked beans but if you are not so inclined, creamed sweetcorn is also very nice and I enjoy my fried eggs cooked in butter, over easy and sprinkled with salt and white pepper.

Un-Recipe Egg on Toast


Baked Beans warmed
Fried Egg
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Butter the toast and top with the baked beans followed by the egg.

17 thoughts on “Un-Recipe – Egg on Toast

  1. This breakfast looks so Kiwi to me, most of my officemates have this for breakfast sometimes they even use Spaghetti instead of beans. Good way to start a day

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