I’m Back (Nearly)

Talk about a shock to the system!  Winter hit me with a vengeance the second I got off the plane.  Seriously brrr!  I can only imagine how our Mauritius kitties must have felt – poor little things, being locked up in little boxes and having to go from one aeroplane to the next in this very cold weather.

Drika, our housekeeper had our home right and ready for our return and it was heavenly sleeping in our own bed under our own linen.  There are sadly quite a few things around the house that require some attention and repair but we will get to each one in turn.

We were home for all of a day before we flew out for a family wedding in the Midlands, Natal.  It was all very hush hush as it was a surprise for the groom, our nephew; Pete’s Godson.  It was a beautiful wedding and I thrilled that we were able to share in their wedding weekend.

Our little kitties are adjusting to their new environment but are starting to get a little frustrated with being locked up and me with the litter boxes – I am used to all of our cats having the use of the outdoors.  The first introduction with our other cat went okay (I think) – she was not too keen on the new arrivals and all they wanted to do was play with her.  We did a couple more “introduction” sessions and are now allowing them all access to the whole house before we let them go outside for the first time.  Right now for the most part, everybody seems to be staying in their own corners and only venturing out a little way.  I am sure they will be settled and more accustomed to each other in a few more days.

I have not cooked in my own kitchen yet – well with the exception of scrambled eggs this morning as my Mom flew down from Johannesburg to look after our fur children while we flew to the wedding so we are eating all our dinners at her and my Dad’s holiday home , soon to be their retirement home.  Thank you Mommy – not sure what we would have done without you being here to look after us for the next couple of weeks while we find our feet again.

I have missed being in contact with everybody and I am looking forward to catching up with you all soon.  The house “TLC” is going to take a little longer than anticipated – there are quite a few things that have deteriorated over the past couple of years.  I will share more of our being at home ventures soon and look forward to catching up with you all, I am really missing reading all of your posts.

Till then, stay warm. xo


34 thoughts on “I’m Back (Nearly)

  1. I had a giggle reading your post – I assume the groom did not know you were coming and not that he was getting married LOL Hope you settle back in soon xxx

    • Oh my, that would have been quite something if it was a surprise that he was getting married. 😉 Clearly my brain is not fully functioning yet either for writing a post. Hope to be settled and sorted by next week – i don’t like not being able to be in touch. 🙂 xoxo

  2. Mandy, best advice I ever got was to coat the cats’ feet with butter, close them in a bathroom for a day (with their litter box); they obsessively lick their feet and won’t budge until every hair is free of butter. By the time that happens, they have used the litter box and you scatter it in the garden and – voila – their territory is marked and they won’t stray. It has worked every time for me.

    • Thanks so much Jessica – I am glad to be “nearly” back. 😉 I am missing sharing tasty treats. Seems things are going to take a week longer than I had anticipated to get organised! I will try and be back before that though. 🙂 xo

  3. I was going to suggest buttering the kitties paws too – my grandmother always told me to do it and I moved house many, many times with my cat and he never strayed! Bet you´re glad to be home, hope the changes in your house don´t get you down – just think how lovely it will all be again once you´ve given it some TLC. And hurrah for your mother – what a star!

    • Thanks Tanya. It is lovely to be home – just wish there weren’t all these things to sort out so I could get back to all of you. Hope you can hang in there a little longer until I have found my feet with everything. 🙂

  4. Glad to know you made it safely. Good luck with the kitties, hopefully they’ll adjust quickly. Our oldest cat has moved with us several times. There was really only one place he never adjusted to, the rest all instantly became “home” to him. Our younger kitty has moved a few times as well (although not as many) and he seems to always do really well. Can’t wait to see what you cook-up in the new kitchen. Welcome home!

    • It is so reassuring to know that I have fellow bloggers who have moved with kitties before – makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the process. I have done a quick scan through the kitchen and it seems I am going to have to replace a few pots and pans too before getting underway with some blog worthy dishes. I am trying to sort everything with two dashes of speed. See you soon again. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kim. I am however having quite a time of sorting everything out – the list seems endless at the moment but I have promised myself that I will have it all sorted by the end of next week – latest! I am missing blogging and being in contact. 🙂 Looking forward to catching up. xo

  5. I’m so glad you’re back home safe 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading about your life and food there 🙂 Ohh poor kitties… I wish they settled in the new environment soon 🙂

  6. Wawho…. You are Home!!! Very much looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. I love that the wedding was a suprise for the groom, how wonderful you could all be a part of it. Happy settling into home lovely. 🙂

    • Thanks so much HH. It;s hard to believe that the time went to quickly on the island – two and a half years flew by! So good to be back and frantically sorting everything out to get back to my blogging buddies. 🙂

    • Thanks Linda. Really good to be back – frantically trying to get everything sorted and organised so I can get back to normal. The kitties are settling in beautifully and the best advice I got was from Cindy who recommended distributing the litter throughout the garden so that they won’t stray – worked perfectly! Chat soon again. 🙂

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