A couple of weeks back, I had to pop into town to Makro (my worst) to pick up something that was on special.  It was not a “town day” so Mom (yes, Mom was still visiting) and I were not much in the mood for driving around to get a few odds and ends and went to the centre across the road where there is a Checkers.  Well!  Was I impressed!  Remember I am a Woolies girl.  The store was super sparkly clean, incredibly neat, which works for my OCD issues and the shelves were perfectly packed – almost as if they used a ruler.  Even better than all of this was their prices!

My kitties soft food sachets were R1.20 cheaper – which is a great saving, seeing that I go through 2 sachets a day.  I also checked the expiry dates just to make sure and these had just been manufactured a couple of weeks ago.

They had this lovely stainless steel microplane grater/zester for only R19,99 – can you believe it.  Haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet though.  Maybe tomorrow. 🙂

Aah, then there was the baking aisle – it was the best stocked aisle I have seen since being back home!  They had the largest selection of everything from flour to cookie decorations, including these lovely cupcake wrappers which I have not been able to get anywhere else in PE.

Their fruit and veg was top quality and beautifully arranged – didn’t think of taking a picture at the time – sorry.

Their meat selection was very impressive and we picked up these very reasonably priced steaks for R59.97 a kilo.  These 2 inch steaks made their way to our bellies the same day and a couple more into the freezer for a braai soon!

Are all Checkers stores this good?  What is the Checkers like in your area?


51 thoughts on “Checkers

  1. It’s great finding a nice new shop that you like! Here we have 2 Checkers – the one closest to us is disgusting – the smell hits you before you even get inside; the other one is on the other side of town and is really super – spotless, well-stocked, well-priced and they stock a lot of UK products! It’s worth the trip over there to shop for some fancy goodies…I always spend too much when I shop there 🙂

    Have a good day, Mandy!

  2. Our Checkers is disgusting!! Not only does it stink and the floors are always dirty, but the shelves are never fully stocked and that same cut of steak is around R89/kg! The staff make you feel like they are doing you a HUGE favour and their bakery items are also overpriced and rarely fresh. “Fresh” fruit and veg is also hard to find 😦

    • Hi Chantelle, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Oh no, what a disappointment to hear that your Checkers is so urgh! Really odd that they seem to be either super crappy or really good. Have a great day. 🙂

  3. Although we do not have Checkers, I do know the pleasure of re-discovering a store. A grocery chain that I had long ago abandoned has renovated its stores in my area over the past 2 years. The difference between the old and new stores is incredible and makes the shopping experience so much more pleasant. And those steaks? Buon appetito!

    • I generally only to the 30 minute drive to town once a week C. A braai is what we South African’s call a barbecue and my hubby will insist that it has to be made with wood and not charcoal. Have a happy afternoon. 🙂

  4. that place sounds so cool and love those baking cups you purchased. now when are you going to use them and bake me up something pretty! LOL!

  5. I don’t know Checkers (or Woolies :)) but can completely relate to the thrill of discovering great places to shop! My kitty would be very jealous of your kitty’s soft food… only the hard stuff for our guy! hee-hee… have a great day Mandy!

    • Hi Kelly. Our 3 are SUPER spoilt! Our 2 girls get a little bit of soft stuff for breakfast and dinner, our little boy refuses to eat it so he gets a little milk for breakfast – it is supposed to be bad for them but I am sure he will paw the fridge open to get it himself and they all get treats at bedtime and an all day buffet of the hard stuff and lots of fresh water. Have a super day too. 🙂

  6. Hi Mandy! We don’t have Checkers either, but I love when you find a good, bright, clean store full of surprises! And I could totally use a good microplane! I have to find one of those. 🙂

  7. The baking aisle is always SO dangerous for me. Guaranteed every time I walk through, I buy something. Cooking stores are much, much worse. Don’t even let me in one!

  8. The only “Checkers” we have, at least in my area of the U.S. is a burger joint with drive throughs on both sides…But, I likem pretty good now and then, as fastfoods go.
    God Bless You

  9. Don´t have those stores here but I know what you mean about finding a new, good one. Supermarket shops are a big and rare event for me (it´s a long way) so when I find a good store, I get all excited too!

  10. I work for the company that make the wrappers and we are so pleased to hear people love our products and are always open to comments and fresh ideas. Thank you for a great blog.

    • Hi Carol, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I absolutely love the wrappers and have subsequently been able to find the swirly ones in silver, which I used in a post on Tuesday. Have a super day. 🙂

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