Bike Riding on the Beachfront

Since being back home, Pete and I have been riding our bikes at every opportunity (we bought them just before we left for Mauritius so never really had the chance to break them in as it were) and when he isn’t away over weekends on business, we take our bikes for a ride on the beach front in Port Elizabeth.  It is a lovely long ride, not sure how long, possibly around 10km or thereabouts.

It is all very proper and organised with a dedicated lane for bicycles and a separate lane for pedestrians.  We do seem to attract a few peculiar looks though – think it may be because we are the only two cyclists not kitted out in lycra, clip on shoes and helmets.  This is what I was wearing on our first ride – I was very comfortable.

On our second trip, we were the only 2 cyclists out – no, it wasn’t because we were not wearing the lycra gear, it was the weather.  It was blowing a gale, cold and threatening to rain.  Not much can put us off our wanting to get in a ride and we enjoyed a wonderful wind filled ride, stopping for the nicest coffee and breakfast after being very naughty and riding to the end of the pier to take these photos – bicycles are strictly forbidden on the pier.  It was so cold that I was wearing my beanie I knitted a while back and even Pete was wearing a tracksuit top – a very proudly South African Rugby one.

These are the lovely views we enjoy while riding. 😀

We ran out of battery life so were unable to take pics of our coffee and breakfast – fear not, we will go back and in the interest of you, our readers, will have another coffee and breakfast to get those pics. 😉

40 thoughts on “Bike Riding on the Beachfront

  1. What a lovely place to go for a bike ride. Love the beanie! Am just off to our local market and am hoping to find some nice wool to knit it up in afetr you very kindly sent me the pattern (thanks again!). What amazing views you had. I love beaches on days like that.

    • I am hoping that I can pack my beanie away for the season Tanya – Spring seems to be very shy around our part of the world at the moment. Hope you get some lovely wool. Have a super weekend. 🙂

  2. Such a wonderful way to spend a sunny day, the 2 of you riding along with blue waters on one side and the city on the other. Those are the kind f memories I’ll recall when the wind howls and the snow falls this WInter. Thanks for taking us for a ride!

  3. Cycling is my favorite! I ride almost every evening and weekends is when I love to get to the beach and ride along the boardwalk. Very similar to yours where they section off a strip for the bikers! Morning rides are a great way to start your day!! Beautiful photos!!

  4. What a beautifully fantastic view Mandy! I think I would be out there every chance I had…so relaxing. I love water views. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. What a fun post – made me smile reading about the non-helmet… i still don’t wear a helmet skiing (yikes) – I don’t seem to have changed with the times either 🙂 Looks like you were having great fun! Cheers Mandy.

    • I must say, for the most part it is fairly flat but our bicycles have these really awesome gears that actual work (first for us) so you can comfortably change gears for a hill. Have a super week Amanda. 🙂

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