Happy Valley Ride

The weather has REALLY not been playing nicely – we still seem to be stuck in the throes of winter – we honestly have not had more than half a day’s sun in the past few weeks!  I am starting to suffer from sun deprivation and will soon have to start dosing myself with vitamin D if the weather does not improve.

Nothing puts us off riding our bikes though plus we had to test our new bike rack thingy that straps on to the back of the car so off we went for another beach front ride – alas we did not return to the same place for breakfast so have not been able to get you the picture I promised.

We managed to get onto the most wonderful walkway which has previously been blocked off (not sure bikes are allowed) and rode for a good few kilometers which were interrupted every now and again with mini sand dunes that had been blown over the walkway necessitating our having carry our bikes over.  It was a fantastic ride, which reminded me of being on a roller-coaster with all the slow steep ups and fast downs.

We have wanted to ride through Happy Valley but have been unsure if it is still safe – we threw caution to the wind and went to have a look-see.  I have the fondest memories of Happy Valley as a little girl; we would go for a walk in the evenings and the trees would be lit up with pretty lights (I still love seeing trees lit up at night) and you would be drawn into a real life fairytale as the whole area had life sized scenes from fairytale books under all the trees, in the stream and over walkways.  Today though, sadly some delinquent children have broken the arms off some of the models and written revolting things over some of the other displays.  Despite the vandalism it still induced the most wonderful childhood memories. 🙂

I don’t remember ever seeing these stairs and would love to know where they end up – we weren’t too keen to leave our bikes to go and have a look, so we will all just have to use our imaginations of where we would like them to lead.

Everything is so pretty and peaceful.  There are so many elements that I would love to incorporate into our garden – maybe one day when we are big.

We finished our ride with a lovely cup of coffee before heading back home.


26 thoughts on “Happy Valley Ride

  1. The weather may not have been all that great but that walkway and park sure compensated for it. Both were beautiful, Mandy, and all you need do is look at that water lily to realize that the foul weather’s days are numbered; Summer will be arriving soon.

  2. Now that looks like such a lovely place to pass a few hours. Shame about the vandalism…so pointless. Anyway, you had fun, you were out in the fresh air and summer must just be taking a long lie in before it makes an appearance!

  3. A lovely ride, we are waiting for our local council to complete a cycle way to the next town, right along the beach, and looking at your photos I can’t wait!
    The verdant greens of the park are wonderful. And coffee to end on, perfect 🙂

  4. so glad you got to get out and enjoy your bikes and the somewhat good weather. It is amazing how different our weather is from yours. It is just now starting to get cold here and actually feel like the holidays.

    • Guess the weather was perfect riding weather – not too hot and not too cold, although I must admit I would rather be too hot. The holiday’s are literally just around the corner as if your baby’s due date. 😀 Have a super day. 🙂

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