Where I Write

Forever ago, my blogging buddy Cecilia over at The Kitchens Garden did a post about where she writes and blogs from; well, her post was more about moving from her summer writing spot to her winter spot.

My little place where I write from used to be our en-suite bedroom before we built on.  It, I guess, represents my having to have everything all neat and tidy while being very practical.

Even though the picture above doesn’t evoke a very romantic setting for blogging, I am surrounded by all my lovely and fun things.  The drawers on the left of the shot are from my MIL, which house some of my stationery, labels, envelopes, telephone directories, computer and camera cables, chargers and the like while perched on top is the book stand inherited from my FIL with all my wordy books – dictionaries, Thesaurus, crossword dictionary and a tweetalige woordeboek.  The filing cabinet is pretty self explanatory while above it sits the scanner, copier, fax, printer.  Oops, forgot to take the pressie for the baby shower I was telling you about off the visitors chair before taking the photo.

To the right of my desk is a set of built in cupboards that house all of my gift wrapping supplies and ribbons, handbags, sewing machine and material, art supplies, more stationary and my knitting and crochet supplies, patterns and wool.  This is probably my most favourite cupboard. 🙂

To the right of theses cupboards is the bathroom and if you keep going right, you will get to the bookshelf which Pete built and has just de cluttered and another set of built in cupboards which house office supplies and printing paper, MORE stationary (different things go in different places you see), board games, my wedding gown, Pete’s wetsuits, the fly tying kit, Pete’s lego, train set and meccano set from when he was a little boy plus all sorts of other bits and bobs and important things.

So there you have it, my daily place of where I sit and write and have been known on occasion to get creative.

So where is it that you write from?

48 thoughts on “Where I Write

  1. —Mandy,
    So fun to see where you write. & its soooo Clean!
    …what books are in your bookshelf? Cookbooks? Poetry?

    I must take photos from where I write, as well :)))

    Have a good weekend. X

    • I am painfully neat and must have things clean Kim – bit of a pain I am! The bookshelf is a combination of novels, autobiographies, gardening and cat books. Have a super weekend and I look forward to seeing where you write from. 🙂

  2. Aah – thanks for inviting us into your home! I tend to sit on the sofa in front of the fire in the winter, but I have to admit I´m messy…I have knitting, sewing and writing all going on at the same time! Wishing you many days of happy creativity in your special place 🙂

  3. There you are Mandy! I love to be able to SEE where my friends are writing from, maybe because I am a visual person . I absolutely have to have a clear desk when i work however there are other areas of the house that could do with a DE clutter! Like my pantry for instance which is next on my hit list. Thank you for the linky honey, fingers crossed for a some sun this weekend for you!! BOOKS!!! c

    • It would be great fun for me to pop over and help clear out your pantry C and wherever else you need a hand – I love purging, clearing, sorting, alphabetising and putting everything just perfectly in place. The first thing I will do WHEN (please note my optimism) I see sun this weekend is run into garden to enjoy the rays and sort a few messy areas out. Have an awesome weekend C. 🙂 xo

  4. Love your creative space! We live in a Hong kong where space is limited so here I am at the dinner table, the family sitting area, or outside on the balcony. Wherever I can reach electricity and find an area where internet connection is possible that is my space. Are all those books your cooking books? Fantastic!!!

    • Thanks Bam! Until we had our wireless interest installed we also battled with signal – was a real pain! Nope, those books are novels, autobiographies, gardening and cat books. My cooking books are in another cupboard in the kitchen. Have a super weekend. 🙂

  5. What a great space to write in, nice and bright.. I have a room for my music and I should be writing up there but I always end up in my kitchen’s little “desk” space… it ranges from tidy to messy. I gave it a make-over about a year ago so will post it. Maybe a neat photo and a messy one as well:)

  6. Thanks for being a friend.
    Galatians 3:28
    There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

  7. Oh, I love these posts… writing is such an intimate, personal experience… how nice that you shared your cozy spot with us. I’m not sure I could ever do this as a post because my writing spaces are almost alwasy disaster areas – stuff strewn everwhere! lol.

  8. My current favourite place to write is sitting in bed but it changes. Sometimes it is at the dining room table other times it is sitting on the sofa with my laptop balanced on my knee. I would like my own little place of solitude to escape to but I have yet to find it. The potting shed maybe?

    • Oh I love the idea of the potting shed – could keep an eye on all of your seedlings at the same time although it might be a bit chilly in during the winter months plus I bet your little one would have his little fingers in all the soil – could be quite interesting. Have a great week. 🙂

  9. I often think I’m pretty nosy because I get excited when someone shows their kitchen, house, or office like you did. =) I feel bad that I’m not sharing mine, but honestly I enjoy checking out others. =P You have a lovely space! I envy for a big space on your desk Mandy! I put my desk next to a breakfast nook so that I can stay in the kitchen while I check email etc. Not nearly as organized as yours, I think… shhh!

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