In My Kitchen – February 2012

In My Kitchen – February 2012

Doing these “In My Kitchen” posts has made me realise how quickly time is passing – it honestly felt like just last week that I did January’s edition.

Straight into it then…

In my kitchen…

Is the most delightful and fun tea mug with strainer and lid which I received from (to be technically correct) our nephew and his lovely wife.  I brewed a cup of vanilla tea from Seychelles that I received from my brother a thousand years ago but couldn’t pick up the vanilla – guess it has been standing too long.  No matter, my mug drinks beautifully and it will be super awesome to use the lid during the winter months to keep my tea warm.  Thanks again Simon and Elaine, I will treasure my lovely mug, always.

In my kitchen…

Is a new milk jug that has been added to my ever growing collection of little jugs.  A girl can never have too many little jugs.  How could I possibly resist buying this adorable very useful flagon when it only cost R19.99!  It has a matching sugar bowl which for some unexplainable reason I did not purchase – now worries as my aunt was kind enough to buy the last one on the shelf for me a couple of days ago- it too only cost R19.99.  It is probably just as well that I live out of town or I may need to join a support group for people who can’t resist and own large quantities of little jug and bowls.


In my kitchen…

Is the coolest cupcake / muffin carrier.  I have been wanting one for the longest time but have been unimpressed with the cost and look of the ones available BUT then my aunt (yip, the same one who kindly got me the sugar bowl) found this little fellow sitting on a shelf just waiting to be bought.  How could I resist – it was very reasonably priced and the tray inside inverts to form a shelf so you can store 24 cupcakes, 12 per level.

In my kitchen…

Are the first figs of the season which were rescued by our handyman / gardener who had put “scarecrow” cd’s in the tree to keep the indian miners from pecking away at our fruit but alas it did not work as they feel feathers for the cd’s blowing about in the wind and munch away at the fruit regardless, so Lando decided it best to rescue what he could for me.  I have not as yet made anything with them but have got as far as selfishly sitting crossed legged on the couch munching one after the other – delightfully delicious!  I have a couple of recipe ideas so hopefully I will be bringing you some delicious recipes soon.

In my kitchen…

Is a vase full of green (unripe) lemons.  Sadly a branch of our tree cracked and fell to the ground – might have been the heavy winds or the weight of the fruit – not sure.  Unfortunately they are bone dry inside so until I can figure out what to use them for other than their zest (possibly preserved lemons), they will remain a feature of the house.  Do you have any ideas?

In my kitchen…

Is a sachet of fresh mini broccoli that Pete received from his sister for his birthday.  I am very intrigued by this idea of growing veggies on your kitchen windowsill.  All that’s required is to cut off the top third of the sachet, open the seed packet inside, pour said seeds over organic soil and keep moist – and within 10 to 20 days you will have mini broccoli ready to be eaten.  I will keep you posted on the progress.

In my kitchen…

Is a set of flexible pairing knives for intricate cuts and inspired garnishing, another gift for Pete from his sister.  They have lovely short blades which look super sharp.  Will let you know when we have mastered turning tomatoes and the like into pretty flowers.

What’s in your kitchen this month?  Please remember to link back to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial if you partake in the fun.

44 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – February 2012

  1. Oh how fun that you have your own lemon tree! I’m sorry that a branch fell off – but I love what you did with the fruit. So pretty. And those figs look fantastic! 🙂 Always love these little glimpses into your kitchen Mandy!

  2. wow, you have an awesome collection this month! The lemons cannot be preserved if they are hard – but you can freeze the zest for use. I have the mini beetroot and basil growing on my windowsill – the microleaves are so pretty I keep forgetting to actually use them 🙂

  3. Love it, Mandy! Thank you for playing! The little milk jug is adorable, and the tea cup set just perfect. I know exactly what you mean about a support group though, I could use a couple of those for my own tableware addictions.. 🙂

    I wonder if you could use the lemons to make an Indian style lime pickle? I’ve never tried though, so I wouldn’t know where to start, but it’s just a thought. And how incredible do those FIGS look!! I’d been waiting to see how your tree went! 🙂

    • Thanks for the idea about the lemons Celia, I will investigate that a bit more. I have been thoroughly enjoying the figs – it is hard to resist walking passed the tree without looking for just one more ripe fig. Have a great day. 🙂

  4. Everything looks exicting – so many lovely gifts! I rememeber you posting a picture of your fig tree all bare and sad when ours was in full bloom, and now ours looks all bare and sad and yours is delivering the goods!

  5. These posts are favorites of mine, Mandy. That is a lovely tea cup; such a nice gift. Too bad the birds have outsmarted the CDs. They usually do. At least you were able to salvage some of the fruit. Thanks, again, Mandy for this mini-tour.

  6. You have some very cool things in your kitchen, Mandy! What a lovely tea-mug set, I’m jealous that you are starting your fig season, and I thought those lemons were limes! How I wish I could grow a lemon tree here. A wonderful tour of your kitchen and a great post.

  7. Your kitchen is a treasure trove- Figs, Lemons, Tea cups and milk jugs- Love the cupcake holder- and the lemons!!!
    Even green and dry- they are a spectacular display!
    I love garnishing knives- I use them regularly especially on vegetables for a design on trays.
    Thanks for sharing- it is a lot of fun to have a look into your kitchen!

  8. Oh, the first figs of the season… how delightful! And I just love that cupcake holder too… how many years did I spend trying to figure out how to transport without destroying cupcakes to/from the boys’ school… that would have been mighty handy!

  9. Oh, figs, how yummy! I look forward to seeing your recipes. I have just posted a very simple, but beautiful fig salad recipe. Glad I found your blog, so many wonderful things in your kitchen. I wonder if the little windowsill gardens are available in my area?

  10. I’d like to place an order for some seedlings…I’ll take a dozen Figs, A handful of lemon, and a whole case of those CD seeds…Oh, and do you also grow a DVD?
    Bless You

  11. I drink tea all day long and I have one very similar to yours. =) That’s true, your In My Kitchen has been a great reminder of how one month passes by SUPER quickly… I love this series and I hope you will continue!

  12. Hi there, where did your sister in law get the broccoli sachet? I have just had a wonder through some of your posts, I recently got a ‘real’ camera, the Canon 1000D and I am also learning how to use it. I enjoyed your IMK and I want a cupcake holder like yours!

    • Hi Sous Chef aka SuperGran, thanks for stopping by. I am thrilled you are enjoying my posts, thank you. How fun that you also have a ‘real’ camera – I am still a little lost with the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed but will persevere. Just wish I had more time to play with my camera. My SIL got the broccoli sachet at Woolworths in Port Elizabeth – not sure which branch but if PE has them, you should be able to find them at any of the other branches. 😉 Have a super Sunday. 🙂

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