Anchovie, Garlic and Basil Linguine

This supper which comes together in the length of time it takes your pasta to cook, is a satisfying tasty meal for when you really don’t feel like standing in the kitchen cooking, or like me, your husband is away on business and you sat behind the computer the whole day until way passed your normal dinner time.  When I make it again, I think I shall add a splash of white wine and or possibly some chopped black olives.  I may just add that to the leftovers for lunch.

Anchovie, Garlic and Basil Linguine


250g linguine or pasta of choice
8 anchovies
4 garlic cloves crushed
Black pepper to taste
6 basil leaves chiffonade


  1. Cook the linguine according to packet instructions.
  2. Mash the anchovies including some of the oil from the bottle or tin in a pan over a medium heat.
  3. Add the garlic and pasta and stir to combine.
  4. Add the black pepper, basil and a drizzle of olive oil.

42 thoughts on “Anchovie, Garlic and Basil Linguine

  1. I really do enjoy using anchovies with pasta and this simple recipe packs a ton of flavor because of them. It’s a great recipe, Mandy, and one that I’ll be making again and again!

  2. I love how you have plated this up. It looks delicious and so very inviting. A comforting plate of pasta is such a wonderful dinner and the flavours in your pasta must have been amazing.

  3. Oooh, Mandy, that really looks delicious and so comforting in this bone-chilling, snowy weather. I also like the idea of chopped black olives in it, but then again I’d love olives in a milkshake if it was allowed. 🙂

  4. A very tasty sounding pasta, and one to keep in my back pocket as it is so easy to find oneself sitting at the computer too long and in need of a simple dish…like almost every day around here! Love the idea of adding the (kalamata, in my book) black olives and wine, too.

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