Take a walk with me around our garden

I have been having so much fun learning about my awesome new camera that I thought it would be nice to show you around our garden.

I was thrilled to get what looks like a shimmer effect on the petals, so pretty.  Honestly wasn’t my intention but I am proud all the same.  I hope you can pick it up now that I have reduced the size of the photo.

Here is Pete’s favourite birds eye chilli bush.  When we left for Mauritius, the garden was full of these little bushes that produce the most colourful fruit.  They start off purple then turn orange and finally red when they are ready for harvesting.  Sadly we returned to one lonesome little bush.  Pete has just recently dried some seed and has sowed them into pots, so we should have baby bushes soon.

I think this is a paper bark acacia (you will soon learn that my garden knowledge is somewhat limited).  We got the seed from our neighbour a few years back and it grew most successfully in a pot – Pete has serious green fingers or thumbs, never know which is the right terminology.  We transplanted it next to the drive and whilst we were doing the island thing, it had the most peculiar growth.  It grew a sturdy trunk which has been cut right down (now stands bare) and the tree has sprouted from around the base of the trunk.  It is very unique.  I will try get a shot of the whole tree to share with you.

I was really lucky to get this pic as this flower usually gets taken out by the weed eater.  I am sure I could have captured a sharper image but the wind was blowing quite a bit – well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.  Do you possibly know what it is?

I have never noticed just how many of these bauble thingies are on the conifers.  They remind me of spiders nests – not a pleasant thought!

This is a new development on the base of our one yellow wood trees – I hope it isn’t diseased.  It appears to be very healthy, so I have decided that it just had a quick growth spurt and burst it’s bark seams.

Aah, we are inundated with loads of wasps nests/hives all around the garden and house.  I hope that if I leave them alone that they will leave us alone.  These fellows were frantically flapping their wings, to cool the hive possibly?  It looked like they were mating too, so I’m not too sure what that was all about.

Our little baby was stalking leaves that were blowing around the garden.  She was having so much fun dashing from one end of the garden to the other – attacking a leaf and destroying it in a couple of seconds before moving onto the next one and then all too soon was terribly bored with the whole affair and went to nap.

This here is the result of Pete “pruning” the conifers.  I have been told they will take a  l o n g  time to fill if at all – oh dear.  I am nearly over the ordeal, not quite but nearly.

We always seem to get the most odd shaped chillies – it is quite a rarity to get a smooth skinned “normal” looking chilli.  I wonder if it has something to do with sun and shade?

Finally, these two snails decided to take up residence on either side of the marker in our tomato pot.  I wonder if they knew about each other?

Thank you for taking a walk around the garden with me.  I will share more photos once I have improved my photographic skills.

Have a happy day. 🙂


82 thoughts on “Take a walk with me around our garden

  1. What a fun tour of your garden Mandy! I loved it. Your photos are fantastic. Aren’t awesome camera’s the best?! My favorite picture is of your little baby stalking the leaves. He just looks so cute. 🙂

    • Thanks for taking a walk around with me Kristy. I am having the world of fun with my camera – still loads to learn but I’m getting there. Our little baby could get away with murder just by being as cute as she is. Have a super weekend. 🙂

  2. Wow, Mandy! Your photos are really quite good! Thanks for taking us on the tour. It will be some time before I’ll be walking about in a garden and seeing yours is a reminder of good things to come. Have a great day!

  3. I loved the tour, your photos are gorgeous and I love the story with each one.
    With the top photo, you can click onto it and it brings the image up in a larger size on another page and the shimmer effect is amazing. Great shots!

  4. Snap! I’ve also been taking pics in the garden 🙂 My lens that came with the camera has broken and I’ve had to send it back to my parents in England cos I bought the camera there, so I had to go out and buy another lens and I’m stuggling with it, I really need to go on a course. In answer to your question we got the meat on special at a Spar here in Pmb they also had fillet at R99.00 so we stocked up!

    • Great Minds Sue! Oh no, how horrible about your lens! Hope your folks can send back a new one soon. I would also love to go on a course – I can get a little lost reading the manuals. Just a thought in my vast camera knowledge (NOT) – your lens isn’t by any chance set on MF instead of AF?
      Now, if I could just get myself to your Spar!
      Have a super weekend. 🙂

  5. It was so fun to see your photos from skipping about the garden with your new treasured camera in hand! What an exotic garden you have!! And I love the different types of photos you took.. super macro/close up and then further out.. your little cat is adorable, by the way!

  6. Ooh that was fun! Lovely to see, via your great photos, what is going on in your garden. Love the photo of your “baby” and yes, our chilis often do that too…it´s quirky, I quite like it.

  7. Mandy, it is such a fun walk around your garden. And it looks like you have a very beautiful garden. I have no idea you grow bird eyes chili! Do you use it in cooking as well?

  8. Thanks for the tour of your garden. I love the different perspectives of the snail, flowers and even your kitty in the garden. That new camera or maybe its new owner is really getting a handle on taking some great pictures… Take care, BAM

  9. Hi Mandy….I’m finally home and have the time to catch up with my friends in the blog-o-sphere.

    Having a new camera is so much fun. I’ve been enjoying our as well, especially during my most recent trip.

    Wonderful pics!

  10. What a wonderful and beautiful post, Mandy! Your images are gorgeous, as is your garden. I did see a little shimmer on the iris! You’re a brave woman to get that close to those wasps…not my fave thing. Just LOVED this tour and love your baby, too with that little tired paw stretched out…so sweet. Hope you have a terrific weekend! ~Betsy

  11. Hi Mandy, thanks for your lovely posts, I realy enjoy them.

    The name of the flower you are wanting is the Dietes,Wild Irises, it is indigenous, water wise and easy to grow.
    The delicate flowers are carried on slender stems and are often yellow, blue or white, usually with yellow markings on three of the petals.
    The flowers usually only last a few hours and new ones open each day.
    The evergreen species are a very popular garden plants.
    The corms of some spieces were once roasted or boiled and eaten by certain tribes. The corms of most other spieces are, however, very poisonous.

    • Hi Carol, thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words. Thank you too for the fabulous information about the flower! Wow, you are so knowledgeable! I love that they are indigenous too. Have a lovely week and hope to see you soon. 🙂

  12. Just look at your amazing garden. I can imagine you enjoying your strolls through the garden.. its just beautiful. I can’t wait to have a garden of my own :). Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos

  13. Arrrgh, snails! they’re the bane of my life in summer. They ate all the lettuce I tried to grow last year. What a lovely garden you have and I love your misshapen chillies. I can’t wait for spring as I want to try and do more gardening this year too.

  14. Beautiful garden and photos. I’m having a little computer trouble, and for some reason I can’t read the post in the gray font. I am certain it goes perfectly with the awesome photos…and your Garden says it all.

  15. Oh, Mandy… I think this is my favourite of all of your posts… one of the most fascinating things about blogging is getting a glimpse in to the lives of others who happen to live in vastly different parts of the world/climates – and what a tour this is for a Canadian buried under several feet of snow! Just gorgeous, inspiring and beautiful photography…Thanks Mandy; I need that! ;).

  16. Mandy, thanks for sharing your stroll with us! Your photos are great and you catch the best shots. I miss being in a climate with the change of seasons and anticipation of budding plants and nature.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for your lovely compliment. I could quite easily live in a climate that skips winter and most of autumn too – that’s the biggest thing I miss about living in Mauritius. Have a great week ahead. 🙂

  17. Oh look at your beautiful garden and well done with the shots, I think your iris is my favourite and second are the snails. In fact snails are hard to catch and they move out of the shot with surprising speed! WE don’t have snails here, aren’t I lucky! c

  18. I saw that someone gave you the “real” name for your iris; it is commonly called the butterfly iris. There are 2 types, the one you have, slightly yellow, and another that has 3 white petals, and 3 lavender petals. Both beautiful!

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