Melody’s Tripe

As promised, I asked Melody for her tripe recipe and she lovingly shared it with me.  She never gave specific measurements for any of the ingredients; depending on the quantities you are preparing, I think it is all very self explanatory.  So with no further ado…

Melody’s Tripe


Tripe cut into bite size pieces (fresh or frozen)
White Sauce


  1. Cook the tripe in a covered dish over night in a low oven (100°C) covered in water and salt to taste or until the tripe is tender.  Check periodically in case more liquid is required.
  2. Chop the onions and fry until soft.
  3. Make a white sauce.
  4. Remove any liquid from the tripe and stir in the onions and white sauce.
  5. Cook for a further hour.

60 thoughts on “Melody’s Tripe

  1. Is this an English recipe??? I’m thinking that just the slightest scratch of nutmeg would be nice. You think so? The recipe seems just right for a wintry evening. Thank you for the share…

  2. I’ve never seen tripe prepared this way but I’d be willing to give it a try. Interesting that it cooks overnight, even if at so low a temperature and I imagine the tripe is extremely tender by morning. Add the white sauce and I bet it’s a tasty dish. Thanks, Mandy, for sharing. I know this wouldn’t be considered a favorite of yours.

    • Hi Angie, I don’t like tripe at all, I posted the recipe from a lady who makes it for my Dad every year for his birthday. She buys the tripe already cleaned, so sorry I cannot help! Have a super day. 🙂

  3. I’m guessing it’s beef tripe?? I looove tripe! I love the texture of it! Never had tripe cooked with white sauce though! Would love to give it a try!! yummyyy!

  4. My grandfather had a Tripe Factory, he was know as a Tripe Purveyor. I used to work there in the summer holidays in England and I can still remember how bad it smelled! Consequently I will never ever eat the stuff, I have flung green cow’s stomachs into a big van, I have seen the acid baths that make it white……did I mention the smell???!!! 🙂

      • Now you are making me laugh! You know I am a pretty brave girl and try many things that most will not. I live in Asia so that right that probably sums it all up right there. But there is one thing I will NOT eat and that is tripe. I think it is the whole texture thing. Well maybe if lost on a deserted island ? but maybe not. Take Care, BAM

  5. I read your recipe with and honestly thought you loved this recipe and loved tripe… scrolled down and read your replies and had a great laugh! I’m impressed that you would post a recipe for your Dad… and one that you dislike so much!! You’re a good sport! I’ve never tasted tripe.. I’d have to order it on a menu and I always see other dishes much more appealing;)

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