Gratitude X 6

My fairly new friend Giovanna who blogs over at Blue Jelly Beans was kind enough to gift me 6 awards!  Wow, what love!  Thank you again Giovanna aka BJB, I really do feel very special.  Giovanna started her blog to document the recipes she got from her mom when she left home at 18 as a record for herself and her children and anybody else who is passionate about treasuring old family recipes and memories.  Do pop over and see what she is making today.

I have been honoured by receiving the Versatile Blogger, Stylish Blogger and Liebster Blog Awards previously, so instead of boring you with more of the same information, I will tackle the questions that form part of one of the other awards, the Sunshine Award.  What a lovely name for an award. 🙂

1. Favourite colour?

Hmm, well that all depends on my mood, but for now I would have to say pearl – it is neutral and goes with everything.

2. Favourite animal?

No surprise here – CATS!  But for the most part, all animals.

 3. Favourite number?

It would have to be 8 – nicely balanced top and bottom.

4. Favourite drink?

Non alcoholic – Tea

Alcoholic – Gin and Tonic with lots of lemon

5. Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook.  It is more interactive and friendly – whereas with Twitter people seem to tweet their every waking thought and it takes me too long to scroll through pages and pages of peoples thoughts.  I tweet once a day with a motivational quote and then every Monday, Wednesday and Friday a second tweet of the day with my blog post link.

6. Your passion?

I’m obsessive so whatever I am busy with is my passion.

7. Giving or getting presents?

Absolutely giving.  Not always easy when you are battling to find the right gift but more often than not, I try and make a gift – baked goodies in a nice bowl, engraving a crystal glass, homemade preserves, sauces and the like.

8. Favourite day?

Any day that Pete is home.

 9. Favourite flowers?

Any type of lily and lavender.

Then as with all the other awards, is to pay the love forward onto other bloggers.  I know each award has its own set of rules and how many bloggers etc. to pay it forward to, which is never an easy task to pin point only a few bloggers as you are all equally as important and special to me, but for today I have decided to share all of these lovely awards with:

Kathryn at Kiwsparks

Lizzy at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things

Jed at Sports Glutton and

Betsy at Bits and Breadcrumbs

50 thoughts on “Gratitude X 6

  1. Heartfelt congratulations, Mandy, on being honored with these well-deserved awards. I’ve enjoyed cats, too, when I’ve owned them. Now, however, I’m firmly in the dog camp again and I think I’m here to stay. And no, I’ve done the cats & dogs “thing” and I’m not going back there again. Lucy, my Parrot, would never forgive me! Again, congrats!

  2. Congratulations!! You definitely deserve these awards and every award you receive after these :). I enjoy coming to this blog. You always have something wonderful and new you’re featuring here. Thank you for sharing yuor life with us :). And Congrats to all the new awardees

  3. Hello there and heartfelt congratulations! I love visiting your blog and look forward to our friendship in food growing in years to come. Thanks so much for sharing your awards. I feel very honoured, especially among such fine company!

  4. Congrats on all your awards. That’s amazing. I’ve never heard of anyone stating their favourite colour is pearl. Most people say red or blue. Congrats again Mandy and have a lovely weekend xx

  5. First of all, my most heartfelt congratulations on all of these truly well deserved awards, Mandy. You have such a great blog, love your concept and enjoy your posts so very much. It’s been wonderful to connect with you out here and each and every one of these awards you’ve been given are most fitting indeed! Of course we share a love of cats, and I enjoyed reading your other answers, too. Secondly, wow! I am so honored that you chose me to be a recipient…paying the love forward indeed, so unexpected and so very, very kind of you! Thank you so much, and you’ve set the bar high for me to live up to this much love! 🙂 🙂 I look forward to checking out the two of my fellow nominees that I haven’t visited yet, as well. Happy Weekend to you, Mandy…hope you get to spend it with Pete!

  6. 6 awards! Wow, congratulations Mandy… well deserved.

    How intriguing that you chose pearl as your colour… love that. Lavender is a favourite in our home too. Obsessive? Nah, can’t relate to that one at all – lol – ;-).

  7. I am humbled. You are ever so kind and generous! And I think that on my first visit to our blog I could see immediately all of the qualities that earned you this slew of awards, my dear lady!! Now I shall have to think about how to live up to the standards you set! 🙂

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