Parsley Mayonnaise / Dressing

This must make mayonnaise dressing is based on the mayonnaise recipe I have been using since I read about it on Browniegirl’s blog. Quite honestly, there is no other way to go when making mayonnaise as it doesn’t get easier or quicker than this and the variations are endless.  I was beyond thrilled with the result of this adaption of the recipe that I am quite tempted to use it on most everything.  I slightly changed a couple of the ingredient quantities and added a few others – what resulted is beyond delicious!

Parsley Mayonnaise / Dressing


1 extra large  egg at room temperature
5ml hot English mustard powder
10ml fresh lemon juice
10ml white vinegar
2.5ml salt
2.5ml black pepper
5ml honey
1 garlic clove
Generous handful of flat leaf parsley
200ml grapeseed oil or canola/olive/sunflower or a combination of the oils


  1. Place all the ingredients, starting with the egg and ending with the oil in the beaker.
  2. Push your blender into the beaker, immersing it completely so that it rests on the bottom of the beaker.
  3. Start blending at high speed for 15 seconds without moving the blender from the bottom.
  4. Holding the beaker still with one hand slowly raise the blender until it just reaches the top of the contents and then slowly push it down again, blending all the time for 15 seconds.

38 thoughts on “Parsley Mayonnaise / Dressing

  1. When I replaced my food processor, I thought of using the smallest bowl for mayonaise, among other things. Now, you have me thinking about using my immersion blender for the task. Your recipe makes it sound so easy that I can’t wait to make some. Thanks, Mandy!

    • John, I will honestly never make mayonnaise any other way ever again – the immersion blender is SO quick and easy! Have a super day and I look forward to hearing how you get along making Immersion Blender Mayo. 🙂

    • Can’t believe I only learnt about the immersion blender bit last year! I am making up for lost time. 😉 Have a super weekend Tanya. We are heading home tomorrow morning 😦 – always sad to leave the folks but need to get back as we have people coming to stay with us next week. 🙂 xo

  2. I don’t have a have a hand thingy, I make my mayo in my blender, my best is adding grated blue cheese and drizzling it on a crunchy salad with croutons.

    • Oh no, you NEED to invest in a hand one ASAP – they are fantastic. Hmm, I will have to skip the blue cheese bit – not my idea of nice although my hubby would devour the whole lot all by himself. Have a super weekend. 🙂

  3. This sounds like something I must try because I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise unless it’s mixed with something else…and this sounds wonderful, Mandy. Plus I’m loving using my new orange immersion blender every chance I get. Does it keep well for a couple of days?

    • Hi Betsy, so glad you have a new recipe to play with with your immersion blender. This keeps very well in the fridge. I have kept it for over two weeks before and it is still perfect. Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • Hi Jed – I am not sure – I guess it would depend on brand to brand. I always buy the Coleman’s Hot English mustard powder. Then again, I am sure they are all on the hot English side unless stated otherwise? Come to think about it, I have never seen a Dijon powder before. Right, before I confuse you even more, have a super weekend. I am looking forward to catching up with your posts again next week when we are back home. 🙂

  4. I do not have an immersion blender, but I can make it in the FP? This is a great recipe and also as the summer goes along i can put other green herbs in as well.. This is a perfect recipe. And I have been saying to myself that i must pop back in and look up your mayo recipe, lucky for me that i was procrastinating, as you made it for me and posted it Have a lovely day Mandy! c

    • Hmm C, I have never made mayo in a food processor before but I am sure the process must be quite the same although I think you should drizzle the oil in and not add it all at once. I do however highly recommend purchasing an immersion blender, it is the most wonderful tool in the kitchen. Enjoy experimenting and have a super weekend. 🙂

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