Late afternoon ride over the N2

I love going off on adventures on my bicycle and when Pete is away I take a friend along for the ride.  We recently took a ride in the late afternoon over the busy N2 towards to new Addo Elephant Park gate (skipped the turning) and carried on over the old Mackay Bridge which has long been closed to traffic but is still safe enough to walk and peddle over.  This used to be the original entrance to Sundays River forever ago (before my time) and I have fond memories of my family telling me their tales of coming out to the river over this old derelict bridge.

You can just see the river in the right of the picture

Beryl was telling me that years ago you could still see the remnants of an original farm house – no sooner were her words out of her mouth when we both spotted it!  Incredible that we could see a wall still standing proud above its thorny bushed tomb.  We just had to go and have a closer look.

We left our bikes at the fence and made our way through the old gate toward what was once a home.  I wish I knew the history of this home and why it came to be deserted.  We were being eaten alive by fierce little brown mosquitoes but nothing was going to put us off investigating further.  Sadly we couldn’t get too close as everything is overgrown with unfriendly spiky foliage.

We assumed that the two pillars  (top right in the photo below) would have been veranda pillars as there would have been the most magnificent unspoilt view of the sand dunes.

We started making our way home when we realised that it was just past 6pm.  My fur children were not at all impressed when I got back home at 18h30 as they had been waiting for their dinner!  All was forgiven after they had had their noms and soon settled down for the night.


48 thoughts on “Late afternoon ride over the N2

    • Bless you darling Kim for your very kind words! It is remarkable how much there is to actually learn about with these cameras! I do thoroughly enjoy my rides, would be fantastic to have you here to join me one day. Have a beautiful week. 🙂 xo

  1. Part of the fun incoming upon a forsaken home is to try and envision how it looked in better times. Your veranda is a case in point. Too bad the mosquitos brought you back to reality — but certainly good news for your fur children!

  2. What a great day out. And so sad that the farmhouse is so derelict (if not in ruins). It makes you wonder what the home was like when it was in its heyday. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to restore it! xx

  3. Wonderful! I love finding old abandoned buildings (although it also makes me feel a little sad and nostalgic). So…when I come to stay with you will we be bike riding? If so, had better start to learn as I actually can´t ride a bike 😦

  4. Hi, I just found your blog and I’m so glad I’m here. Your photos are beautiful and I just know I too would’ve been curious about the history of the home had I stumbled onto it. Thanks for the great post…going to take a look at some of your recipes!

  5. I love the scenery in the first picture. There is no building or anything to disturb the blue sky! So flat! I live in SF where there are always hills, so it’s strange to see completely flat land. =P

  6. Mandy, looks like a beautiful day to go on an adventure, I love the first photo of the bridge..looking into the horizon! Have a great week! x

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