Wordless Wednesday – My Folks Garden

Wordless Wednesday -My Folks Garden


I was hoping to get a few more shots of my folks garden while we were visiting with them but alas the time and weather had other plans.

Can you spot the bird that flew into my shot?


44 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – My Folks Garden

  1. Too bad about the weather, Mandy, for I would enjoy seeing more of your parent’s beautiful garden. As it is, though, you shared some really great pictures. Are those the thorns of an acacia? Thank you taking us for so nice a stroll. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. regardless of the the time and the weather you managed to show us some wonderful plants and flowers, so it means we get to see more another time :0
    And bougainvilleas always make me a teeny bit envious, they just don’t grow in the UK, so I always think of them as holiday flowers

  3. I adore those bleached white tree trunks, what is that tree? I wonder if I can grow it here.. and also in that shot you had peacock blue sky! loved the flowers.. c

  4. What beautiful shots and lovely garden.. what are those pink, papery flowers (I know.. I should know what they are called.. but I’ve forgotten). Thanks for sharing these pictures of spring!

    • Hi Smidge, I am useless with knowing what is what in a garden but thankfully I do know that the pink flowers are bougainvillea flowers. We are actually going into winter so the folks garden is really looking awesome. Have a super day. 🙂

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