How to peel a Prickly Pear

No sooner had I started moderating the comments on my previous post for Prickly Pear Chutney when I realised that I had not included a picture of what a prickly pear looks like and then there were a couple of you who asked… sorry about that.  Today I show you what prickly pears looks like and how I peel them.  The reason I use a knife and fork is because the skin of prickly pears (even though they should be scraped off when you purchase them) have very fine hair like thorns that really hurt when they get into your skin and are so fine that you battle to get them out.  Not fun.

These shots are not particularly good, they are however self explanatory on how to peel a prickly pear. 🙂

Et voila, a peeled and ready to be eaten delicious and very moreish prickly pear. 🙂

58 thoughts on “How to peel a Prickly Pear

    • Aah Tanya, you are too kind, thank you! I loved your patio shots. I rather err on the side of caution with these little fellows. Have a beautiful week. I am still thinking of your beautiful dress! 🙂

    • Thanks Sally. Generally prickly pears won’t be for sale until they are ripe (here anyway). The green prickly pears slightly change colour and may get a slight yellow tinge to them. They will always feel firm but should it should yield slightly to touch. I hope this helps – sorry about the bad explanation. Have a super day. 🙂

  1. I’m so glad I have just come across this because the house next doors has lots of prickly pears growing, might have to sneak over when it’s dark ;0)

  2. Great post Mandy,
    Do you eat everything after it is peeled? Seeds? membranes?
    I have seen them in Florida but have not eaten any. I will have to try it some time.

  3. This is a great tutorial with perfect photos to illustrate. I have never used prickly pears partly because I did not know how to prep them…thanks for this . I found your blog via Rufus…one of my favorites.

    • Hi Teresa, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I am so pleased you found the photos helpful. Prickly pears are a fabulous fruit and are really quite versatile – they add a fabulous flavour to salads and are scrumptious served with cheese and crackers too. Have a lovely week. 🙂

  4. Now you just made that look incredibly easy. 🙂 Always love the step by step pics for this kind of thing. I still have to go look for one of these.

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