Another short interval

No sooner am I back from my last little trip and I am going away again.  Seems I am becoming quite the frequent flyer – not really.

I am heading back to Johannesburg and will be back on Monday 07 May.  I will endeavour to keep up to date with all of your posts during this upcoming week, sorry if it seems that I am AWOL, won’t be for long.

I have scheduled posts for during this period and will log in as often as possible to moderate your loving comments.

🙂 Mandy


50 thoughts on “Another short interval

  1. Have fun – we are celebrating a leap year birthday in the family too, what fun! Have a safe trip and wish your mum a Happy Birthday – she must be all of what, about 7 years old?!

  2. Wow …what kind of camera was that you came across again? And, about the development and web posting…I have an old Pentax K1000, they say is a pretty good model…But, I know Nuttin-Honey bout a Dark room…and the Photo-Labs have gone quite dormant since the dawn of “Digital” in my neck of the woods…I would appreciate any advice in this area…I hate to let it just sit there.
    Bless You Great Photos… You Go Girl…

    And, Happy Birthday to your Mama…

    • Hiya Paul – I have the Cannon EOS1100D – whatever that is supposed to mean. It is a digital camera so I download my pics directly from the camera to my pc. When it comes to a “spool” camera, I know that you need to buy your spools specifically for the lighting you will be shooting, e.g.: 35mm/100ISO or 35mm/120ISO. You should be able to get great advice (free of charge) from any camera shop. Take your camera along with you to the store and I am sure you will be well on your way to taking fantastic shots in no time.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes for my mom! 😀
      Have a super day. 🙂

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