The Complete Cook (in eBook and Printed version) is available for Sale

The Complete Cook (in eBook and Printed version) is available for Sale

It has taken us quite a while and we are still not 100% there but we are close; close enough to share with you that you can now purchase The Complete Cook Book in an eBook version – hooray!  Have a look at our website ( here.  We would also appreciate any comments on how we could improve our site.

For those on home soil (South Africa), we have a few printed versions (as shown above) which we will gladly post to you – I’m so sorry that we cannot offer our overseas friends a printed copy at this stage but the postage costs make it an expensive buy, we’re working on improving that.  Please send me an email to detailing your order and I will make the necessary arrangements to get it to you.  The cost of the printed copy is R150.00 plus postage and packing of R35.00.

You have already had a preview of my book by way of my posts here on my blog (  Just to recap,  it is a very comprehensive book of over 300 pages covering a wide range of content from abbreviations , conversions, ingredient substitution, cooking basics, helpful tips, meat cuts, terms and definitions, the food pyramid , table setting guidelines and so much more.

In addition, it is also jam packed with over 165 recipes with space for you to make your own notes and each chapter provides blank recipe pages for you to add your own favourites, allowing you to personalise your copy.

It‘s also a fabulous gift idea for both men and woman.

Thank you for your support, I know you’ll love the book.


PS.  I will gladly sign the copies you purchase, so if you have a special message, please include those details in your email.


48 thoughts on “The Complete Cook (in eBook and Printed version) is available for Sale

  1. Congratulations Mandy. What a lovely feeling that must be….and a relief after the hard work. I wish you great success with your books. xx

  2. Oh This is FANTASTIC. I will surely buy the ebook, but how do I do that with a laptop? But really really I want a printed copy one day. But I am in the wrong country. Can you take a photo of some of the pages for us so we can see your work in print!? You must be so excited! Now i am off to your website. c

    • Thanks so much for your support Celi! All you need to do is log on here – and it is pretty much self explanatory. I will work on getting to you to bring a printed copy…
      I will get to taking a few photos to share with you soon. Thanks again Celi. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  3. I’m wishing you the best of success. I’ll love saying “I knew her when” when you are the talk of the ebook community.

  4. Fantastic Mandy!! I too would love a printed version when it’s available. You have a wonderful blog full of absolutely delicious recipes. A printed version would most definitely fly off the shelves. 🙂

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