Homing / Racing Pigeon?

I have this ridiculously soft spot for animals of any kind.  I would take in every single one (except for spiders) if I could, especially when we were living in Mauritius.  It broke my heart to see all of those dogs and cats…before I digress and get all upset about the state of those poor animals, let’s get to the pigeon.

This beautiful specimen of a bird arrived one afternoon in my parents courtyard here at the River.  He is quite a handsome and proud bird with his chest out and clearly enjoying the attention of us all oohing and aahing over him.  Him could also be her – I have no idea.

Birdy didn’t want to leave and seemed to be pacing a bit at which time I started falling apart and wanted to take him home.  Probably not the best idea with 3 feline fur children at home, 2 who are official mousers.  As we humans do, we succumbed to the pressures and out came a slice of bread which Birdy gobbled up very quickly.  The little fellow was probably starving, so there goes my heart again and my mind thinking that he hasn’t eaten for days and he must lost and thought it better to rather give him water than food as I am sure he is very thirsty, especially if he is lost, he must be quite stressed.

I haven’t often seen a pigeon with feathers around his feet, I wonder what it means, if anything at all?

He made his way straight to the basin of water and took a nice long drink.   With his belly full and thirst quenched he was clearly a happy bird again.

Birdy was so happy that he strutted his stuff up and down the stairs and nearly into the house – he would have gone in had he been allowed.  Mom and Dad would not hear of it!  He would have been allowed in ours though – I am sure I could get our 3 to behave themselves long enough to make Birdy feel welcome.  I know, I know,  I can be slightly delusional.

Looks like somebody needs a pedicure

Birdy was still there the next day and evening which broke my heart – why did he not try and find his family – how did he get separated?  Oh dear, I get myself very flappy.  Dad tootled down the road to see if Birdy belonged to a gent who trains homing pigeons while I got ready to capture Birdy in a tea-shower, but alas the man has moved away!

Thankfully dad saw that their neighbour puts seed out every afternoon for the local wild birds so I’m  hoping our boy moves in there!

Do you possibly know if he is a homing / racing pigeon – how would you tell?


54 thoughts on “Homing / Racing Pigeon?

  1. Wow your camera has nice zoom! I love your comment about pedicure hehehe. And the picture above is cute one – birdy trying to march down =D I’m not familiar with pigeons but come to think of it, I barely see brown and white kind!!

  2. There are a number of pigeon breeds that have feathered feet, Mandy, but I haven’t enough knowledge to know whether this is one of those or has feathered feet by some happenstance. He’s a beauty, though. Enjoy your weekend. May it be spider-free!

    • You will not believe this BUT when I opened my dining room curtains this morning… yes, you guessed it, there was a spider the size of a dinner plate, okay a side plate, all right the truth is he was the size of a grape with seriously long legs which he stood up on, which made him look even bigger and more scary! Thankfully our gardener/handyman is here today so I got him to deal with the situation of our uninvited house guest. He found it extremely funny to tell me that it got away and is now AWOL in the dining somewhere…and when I could take it no longer, he showed me the proof that the spider was in fact on his way to the garbage. Thank goodness for that. Have a fantastic spider-free weekend too. 🙂

  3. It may well be a homing pigeon resting. Often they get blow off course on their way to wherever and they will rest for a few days whilst getting their bearings. In NZ once we had a skyblue pigeon do exactly this, he was so big and so beautiful and like you i fell in love with him, after he had fed and rested for a few days he set off again. I wished he would have stayed. he was too too beautiful. But my Aunty raised them and said that this was normal.. Though i do not see a tag on his leg, usually they have some kind of ID. c

    • Oh Celi, I wish I could give your a great big hug right now! You have made me feel so much better about Birdy – thanks you! Pete did mention that he was sure he saw a tag under all those feathers. I begged and pleaded with Pete to bring him home to which I got “the” eyeball and the infamous line, “what about the “boys”” as Pete likes to call our fur children – they would no doubt have him for a snack! I am sure Birdy is now safely back where he should be. Have a super weekend C. 🙂 xo

  4. I have no idea whether birdy is a racing pigeon or not, but birdy is very handsome. I loved the photo of it with one foot up and one on the ground best – like it was about to start dancing !

  5. Beautiful bird – thanks for sharing with photos. We had a blackbird and a morning dove loving on each other one year – interesting to watch the two of them. I do not take in spiders either – creepy buggers. Have a Great Weekend!

      • this is an interesting bird it is not a homer, it is a roller, rollers like to go high in the sky and then turn them selves into donuts and roll down towards earth and just before they hit the ground they fly again many get kill not pulling on time, homer racing people called colombofilia in Spanish and
        keeping pigeons in English like to let this birds fly with their flocks to teas the homers to fly high and thous become better homers recognize they where about easier both homers and rollers are a race to be kept in the coop both bring lots o satisfaction in breeding.

          • your welcome Mandy I have to tell you my brother in law loves this birds Leon Jones is his name he has a passion for this birds, one day I went to visit him, he knows I am a homer man so he wanted to show me what a roller can do, he let his rollers out of the coop and what a beautiful experience to see this birds fly so hi where I was crying from forcing my eyes to see where they were, they were so hi that eagles will be jellos… and turn them selves into a little ball some do a few hundred feet and spread the most awesome ones roll all the way to almost hit the ground Mercy…nice meeting you Mandy.

  6. He is so beautiuful and looks like a very special pigeon with his little hairy boots. If he doesn´t have a tag it´s unlilkely he´s a homing pigeon but I agree with Celi, once he´s fed and rested up he´ll be on his way to rejoin the family (with happy memories of his little break with you)!

  7. Fabulous pictures Mandy. What a beautiful bird!!! And I too have a soft spot for animals that seem to have strayed. I’ve brought one or two home over the years. 😉

    • Thanks Kristy! Besides the strays, I always say to Pete that I would like a giraffe and a squirrel to complete our family – you can just imagine the looks I get. Have a super day. 🙂

  8. That is such a sweet looking bird. I am a big softy with any living creature as well. My daughter has followed in my footsteps and even shoes out spiders and insects from our home instead of smashing them. I love that you cared for him and gave him a bit of a rest before he goes on his way. You are my type of gal Mandy. 🙂

    • Kim, I was really undecided if about the sex of this beautiful bird. Wonder how you would tell… have a beautiful week friend. 🙂 xo PS. Loved the pic of your and your Mamas pedicured toes. 😉

  9. Good thing you didnt take him home Mands otherwise he would have become Birdy num-nums for your three, especially that hooligan Redeye! Love the toe shot.

    • Must say M, my two little furry islanders have become quite accustomed to the routine of asking for their breakies and dins! Tree has clearly taught them well – why go out and find your own food when you can get your human to give it to you on demand! 🙂 xo

  10. i have the same bird hanging around my porch for the last 4 months dont seem like hes leaving anytime soon he comes on the porch to eat even when everyone is outside he will walk right to our feet

    • Hi Melissa, oh my goodness I would have no idea who you could call – I am in South Africa. Try getting hold of your animal welfare societies – they will be able to put you in contact with the right people. Hope you get it sorted out. 🙂

  11. I know this is old but I wanted to comment in case you could still see it. Pigeons, even feral city pigeons, are actually domestic animals like dogs or cats (I’m not sure if you knew that or not, but a lot of people don’t unfortunately!) which is why they’re naturally drawn to humans. I’m afraid this bird was not a homing pigeon but rather an exhibition breed (Lahore), and many exhibition breeds don’t have homing abilities, it’s more likely this pigeon was lost. It’s been several years so obviously nothing can be done now, but I am a pigeon enthusiast so I just couldn’t resist leaving an educational comment. If anything, maybe I can change peoples opinions on pigeons since they aren’t very appreciated in a lot of places.

    Also, if you feed pigeons in the future, try to use seeds instead. It’s okay to feed bread if you have nothing else but it’s not very healthy for them. Still it was very good of you to care for him! 🙂

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