Un-Recipe – Sardines on Crackers

It has been over 3 months since I last shared an un-recipe with you, so thought it high time to share another favourite.  I remember eating sardines on toast for Sunday evening dinners growing up.  Mom would always cook a huge roast for Sunday lunch with all the trimmings and extra so all we needed was something to top up until Monday morning breakfast.  I enjoyed this tasty snack on crackers instead of toast for a change as my lunch yesterday, half of which I had to share with my fur children – minus the crackers and vinegar that is.

Un-Recipe – Sardines on Crackers


Tin sardines
Onion finely chopped – regrettably I was a touch lazy and skipped this
Salt & pepper
Crackers of choice – I used poppyseed crackers


  1. Lightly mash the sardines with the other ingredients.
  2. Spoon onto crackers.


28 thoughts on “Un-Recipe – Sardines on Crackers

  1. I had sardines on toast for my lunch just last week, but they have to be the ones in tomato sauce and I am very anal…..I remove their spines before I mash them! 🙂

  2. LIke for many others, this brings back memories. For me it´s of when my grandad was looking after us “alone” ie. my grandmother wasn´t around to cook. Once he served us cornflakes with hot water and lots of sugar as he had run out of milk. Pretty disgusting eh, but when you´re about 7 years old it´s just a great big laugh!

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