Baby Blankets and Cowls

I have been wanting to share baby Francesca’s blanket with you for the longest time but alas, time, as it does, caught up with me.  Subsequently I have crocheted another baby blanket for a great nephew who is due in the next few weeks and knitted and crocheted myself two cowls which were great fun.

I made both baby blankets using trebles – this goes so much faster than double crochet or half treble and will keep baby nice and warm and snug.

I must admit to having, for the first time ever, a problem with this second blanket.  I can only think it is the silver strip that is wound into the wool – it was not the easiet to work with and it seems the blanket grew a wee bit on the one end – something else I have never had a problem with before.  No matter as it was still made with love.

This knitted cowl is a mini verson of the one I saw over at Sarah’s Place.  I say mini as I used a much thinner wool than what was called for and it worked out very well and fits snuggly but lose enough around my neck without me feeling I am being strangled.  Pop over to Sarah’s Place for pattern.

For this cowl, I used a 10mm crochet hook and 2 50g balls of tweed wool.  I made a chain of 120 which I could have reduced to 110 and then joined the chain with a slip stich to form a complete round.  First round, 1 chain, skip first stich and work round in double crochet.  Next 7 rounds, 3 chain, skip first stich, work in trebles.  Last 2 rounds double crochet.


54 thoughts on “Baby Blankets and Cowls

  1. I once kitted my son a jersey… looked like something out of a Beano comic with one arm longer than the other! The blankies are lovely but I really like the cowls.

  2. Hey you’re not just a pretty face, you can knit and crochet too! I love that cowl thing Mands, I want one in cream or pink or black please and also I need some leg warmers, my little leggies are cold today. Sorry for all the comments but havent been to visit your blog for ages and you’ve been such a busy bee! I wish I had one of your chocolate cupcakes with the caramel icing today… 😦

    • Oh I do like they way you started your comment – thanks! 😀 Hmm, leg warmers, my Nana made me zillions of pairs on her knitting machine. Wonder what ever happened to them… Seems you are going through some cupiecake withdrawals – we need to remedy that ASAP! Have a beautiful weekend and stay warm. 🙂

  3. How creative you are Mandy. I hadn’t known that you knitted. I was taught as a young girl, but never kept it up. Very lovely, always nice to wear or receive a homemade classic!

  4. How much do I love ALL of the things you’ve made here?!?! A LOT!!!!!! Oh Mandy, you are SO talented at so many things. These are all so beautiful, I really do love them all. You’ve inspired me again my dear. It’s such a beautiful day here, I think I’ll take the knitting outside to the patio and sip iced tea and make something….anything.

    Wonderful post dear! I love!!!!

    • Sarah you are too kind, thank you! I am so pleased that you are inspired to knit something again -I look forward to seeing what you create. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth for me. Our winter temperatures are quite harsh at the moment. Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂 xo

      • I always wanted to learn. My grandmother left me lots of beautiful handmade blankets. Maybe you really should start a little business. You could sell on etsy! Your work is beautiful!

        • You are too kind Martha, thank you! I would have to sell the blankets but think I would have to charge too much for the amount of time involved in making one. I could possibly look at the cowls and other items maybe… Have a super day. 🙂

  5. now those cowls look like just the thing for me in the winter, like my Mother i get a cold neck and so i am always wearing scarves, however when i am in the cow shed scarves invariably unravel threaten to strangle me, or get nibbled on my animals. But these cowls.. well .. I am not much of a knitter, wait are they knitted or crocheted? I shall jump on your link and see how they are made.. What a find! c

    • Celi, these cowls are perfect for you! The first one pictured is knitted and the second one is crocheted. I made the crochet pattern up as I went (I used a 10mm crochet hook and 2 50g balls of tweed wool. I made a chain of 120 which I could have reduced to 110 and then joined the chain with a slip stich to form a complete round. First round, 1 chain, skip first stich and work round in double crochet. Next 7 rounds, 3 chain, skip first stich, work in trebles. Last 2 rounds double crochet.) but is super easy and you will have a cowl in afternoon! Please give me a shout if I can help. Have a beautiful week ahead. 🙂 xo

  6. I want to snuggle to those blankets!! My children receive baby blankets like this from our friend and it’s one of treasure that they will keep for their life. I wish I can make my own cowls (that’s how you call it – I just learned). I love the 2nd one – really stylish color and I love simple fashion like that… lovely!

  7. You are sooo talented, Mandy! I love visiting Sarah’s Place and admire the knitting there and now I am admiring your lovely knitting! The baby blankets are so delicate and lacy.. perfect for gently wrapping a wee little baby:)xx

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