Addo Elephant National Park

A short while back, a friend invited me with for an afternoon drive through the Addo Elephant National Park, which is a mere 2km drive from our homes now that they have opened the new south gate, a true honour! Β It used to take close to and hour and a half to get into the park before they opened the new gate and just for interests sake, Addo is nowΒ the third largest national park in South Africa. πŸ™‚

Here are a few of the photos I took…


49 thoughts on “Addo Elephant National Park

  1. I love your fascination with legs and feet πŸ™‚ ! The ostrich photos are simply beautiful and my younger daughter [very much grown up now !] would love to see those heffalump feet [yes, well, it was that and hopgrasser, and by now, we all use these terms!].

  2. Mandy.. you are being cruel, I would love to have been there, those feet close ups are tremendous. really good.. Ok, we need to make a list for when i come over the the joint book signings..definitely the park! c

  3. Oh how fantastic! My niece is absolutely smitten by elephants and wants to study them at college. I’m sending her your link. She’ll love the pictures. Thanks for posting this! So incredible!

  4. Oh Mandy!!!!!! I adore these!!!!! What a wonderful experience, and I am SO very happy to find these pictures in my inbox today. I just love them. I’m a big time animal lover, so these just made my whole week. TERRIFIC pictures, girl!!! xoxo

  5. You live 2 km from that park? How incredible is that? And you with that new camera of yours. This is all too good to be true.
    Speaking of your camera, your photography continues to improve, Mandy, seemingly with each post. These photos are very well shot.

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