Fur Babies Update for Kim

My dear friend Kim over at My Inner Chick always asks after our fur babies and I have been promising her for the longest time to share a few new photos.  I have been running around them at every opportunity to get pretty photos of my beautiful kitties, but alas, more learning is required before I can capture them on the move but then on occasion they slow down a bit…

The fur babies have been in dire need of new nip.  I bought a bag of dried nip, which I make into little bags for them to play with – so much cheaper and nicer than the pre-made toys you can buy.  I stashed the packet safely on my desk, well so I thought.  Note to self – never leave the nip packet un-attended!  I was in the kitchen making a  cuppa when I heard a scuffling down the passage followed by things falling.  The baby found the nip and proceeded to have a go at the packet which in turn had books and diaries being unceremoniously being pushed off the edge of the desk onto the floor.

Thankfully I got to the packet just in time.
There would have been an awful mess to clean up had I been a few seconds later.

So I wasted no time in making the babies their new toys.
1 each and one spare – just in case.

If ever I pack these to sell, I shall state “Results May Vary” on the packaging.

Our boy seems to just want to sleep after a heavy playing session…

Our baby gets a bit spaced out…

And it clearly seems that our old girl gets a bit paranoid.

Do your cats like playing with catnip?  I found that our babies only starting enjoying it when they were adults.

Remember to submit your Christmas Menu by 30 October to stand a chance of winning a copy of my Cook Book.

52 thoughts on “Fur Babies Update for Kim

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous shots of the cats.. so beautiful.. mine eat the catnip straight out of the garden… and the christmas menu? I will be enjoying plane food ..airline fodder.. and i am fairly sure that that will not get me in the running for one of your beautiful books! I can take a photo for you if you like though! c

  2. Ooooo, I love them SOOOOO much.

    I want to cuddle and kiss them all over their cat fur :))) Do it for me, will ya?

    Do they meow in a South African Accent?

    Thanks, Mandy. What a lovely treat Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Meoooooooooooow Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurr

    • I cuddle and smooch my babies at every opportunity Kim and get most upset when they start licking off my love – reckon I get them every time they have just finished grooming and have to start all over again once I have given them love. 😉 Hee hee, my hubby always jokes saying that the 2 babies speak Creole and French from when we were living in Mauritius and came home with accents! 😀 Glad you enjoyed the post Kim. Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂 xo

  3. Such sweet babies, and our girls love catnip…they roll in it, toss it in the air and eat it with abandon. So sorry to hear of your troubles, Mandy. I read a bit about what was going on in your comment to Tanya. Hope you’re all okay there.

    • Hi Betsy, thanks so much. We are having such a time at the moment and our bad weather, heavy rain and winds are here until Monday! I am in quite a state! I was up again the whole night last night doing damage control, thankfully it was not as bad as the night before. I can only hope that the worst is over. Thank you for your concern, I truly appreciate it. Have a super weekend. 🙂 xo

  4. Wonderful photos! Lucky you got to that packet in time. My cats once found and destroyed a similar bag. What a mess! It sure was fun, though, watching the 2 of them play.
    My day sure did improve, Mandy, and I hope yours did, too. 🙂

    • Hi John, I know the pains of a whole packet being ripped, torn and lacerated too – although watching the joy of the babies doing their thing with it is well worth it.
      Sadly things have not improved much my side with the rain and wind causing damage to our kitchen ceiling and cupboards and a bit of damage in our bedroom plus the weather is not looking at all good until next week. I am quite stressed by the whole situation – fear not though, I will get over myself and hopefully be able to get people in next week to repair the roof. Have a super weekend. 🙂 xo

    • Thanks Tanya, sadly the weather is only going to clear next week Tuesday! Crossing fingers and toes, the worst is over for us! The wind has just come up again so my nerves are shot! Have a super weekend. 🙂 xo

    • Oh wouldn’t that be fun Bam, you are more than welcome to come and spend a day with them any time you like! I just hope that they will be on their best behaviour that day. Have a happy weekend. 🙂

  5. Oh your fur babies are so cute! I recognize those little puncture holes & it doesn’t take long for them to shred any bag they want to get into. When we were on vacation my kitty sitter walked in to a 4 lb. bag of food shredded & spilled all over the floor – guess Moe was tired of waiting. You reminded me of a little video I’ve been wanting to post. Lola, my Bernese Mtn Dog teases Moe by grabbing his catnip toys & getting them all dog spit. I took a couple away from Lola & tossed them in a desk drawer only to find Moe standing under the drawer scratching & trying to push the drawer open from the bottom to get at his toys inside. He was a cat on a mission!

    • Oh dear Diane, your poor kitty sitter. Cats unlike dogs cannot be trained to be obedient and will do just as they please – they are cats after all. Oh your poor Moe, just wanting to play with his toys that were locked away in solitary confinement. I would love to see the video so hope you will post it. Have a super week ahead. 🙂

  6. So, so adorable Mandy! We love kitties and my two gals are always asking for one. Unfortunately my husband has a severe allergy. 😦 so we play with the neighbors kitties.

  7. My cats adore nip, but like yours only as they grew into adults. Our neighbors grew some this year and gave me a bunch that I dried. I need to make a few of these pouches for them. I can’t seem to find the one they had and you’re right – much easier and cheaper than buying the ones from the store. I love your babies. When we get another kitten someday, I want an orange one. They are just so pretty!

  8. They are just adorable, Mandy!! I used to have a cat named Aynsley and this brought back such lovely memories. He loved catnip as well!! I loved your photographs, isn’t it fun to photograph something other than food once in a while:) xx

    • Aah, thanks Smidge. I cannot wait to get further than lesson one with my photography lessons to get some really good shots of my babies. Sadly with the rain damage and general life getting in the way the past couple of weeks, I have had to postpone my lessons. Hopefully will get back into them soon! Have a beautiful week ahead. 🙂

  9. Lovely images Mands! Nice sharp eyes on the last one, excellent! Aw and your red boy looks so cute all curled up. You are so clever to make them nunu catnip bags with pics of fish on! You know what Ms Pathcouli wants for Christmas hey???

    • Do you remember our boy jumping on the hammock and swinging on our patio in Mauritius? Hard to believe he was such a skinny little fellow and now he is a soft nearly overweight very happy boy. Best I put Ms Pathcouli down for a nip baggy. Thanks for the chat this morning. Was lovely! Eek, just realised that right now you are sitting in the dentist chair! 🙂 xo

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