Beach Walk

While my folks and Pete were still here over the festive season, the four of us spent  a morning on the river and went down to the mouth for a walk on the beach.  The beach is only accessible by boat which is fabulous as you only see a few other folk – we aren’t much for the crowds.  It was lovely to see the beach clean – seems passing ships are not throwing anything overboard. 😀  Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Beach walk Jan 2013 10 - Copy

It’s incredible how much wild life is living in and on the dunes.  I am always amazed at how well animals can survive with virtually no foliage or fresh water available to them.  Below  you can see the tracks of an insect of sorts which was merrily walking along the sand until he met his demise with something bigger than him which stopped him in his tracks, munched him and carried on with its journey, no doubt looking for something else to eat.

Beach walk Jan 2013 15 - Copy

We only came across two blue bottles and I love that this one was heart shaped.

Beach walk Jan 2013 31 - Copy

It has been a long while since we have discovered bones on the beach or in the dunes so were surprised when we came across the bones and skin of what must have been a cow but this one still has us puzzled – do you possibly know what it belongs to?  A shark possibly?

Beach walk Jan 2013 34 - Copy

Just when we thought we had seen it all, we came across a gem squash.  It was no doubt thrown overboard, not sure how else it would have landed up on the beach.  At least this jetsam is biodegradable.

Beach walk Jan 2013 38 - Copy

This little critter was amazing to watch.  None of us have ever seen anything quite like it before – it must be some sort of sand scorpion or the likes.  There were 3 of them in a small vicinity and scurried around incredibly quickly while curling complete in half bringing their no-doubt poison filled pincer type tails right over their heads.  This guy was kind enough to uncurl a bit and stand still long enough for me to get a photo.

Beach walk Jan 2013 42 - Copy

It was also interesting to see a few fresh water fish on the beach.  Evidentially carp can survive in salt water, clearly not for too long though as there were 5 on the beach all in close proximity to each other.  Some still whole, others in half.

Beach walk Jan 2013 44 - Copy

The best was when Mom spotted this wee fellow hiding away from us and the heat.  His oyster catcher parents were having a screaming fit desperately trying to get us away from their little one – so difficult not being able to tell them we just want a quick picture of their gorgeous baby.  Hard to believe this little one will grow up to have an orange beak and black feathers.

Beach walk Jan 2013 51 - Copy

Seeing I was in the swing of taking photo’s, I captured a few more interesting shots.

Beach walk Jan 2013 57 - Copy

Beach walk Jan 2013 58 - Copy

It was lovely to get our feet in the sand again and hope it won’t be too long before we can enjoy another morning out in the sun.


42 thoughts on “Beach Walk

  1. What a lovely post Mandy! You live in a most beautiful location. I especially loved the little bird. So sweet! Our little birds here in my yard do the same when I’m out and about doing yard clean up. It’s a tell tell sign there is a nest because I can hear the Mommy and the Daddy chirping loudly to warn me off. LOL! Have a fabulous week!

  2. Beautiful images Mandy. It looks like you had a great time at the beach. There was so much to see! That’s what I love about a day at the beach – you just never know what you might find – but I’ve never found a gem squash! xx

    • Thanks Tanya! I am thrilled so many of you, my wonderful blogging family, enjoyed my pics. Thankfully I was fully over my spider ordeal! Have a lovely day and I cannot wait to see more pics of your third home’s renovations. I still can’t get over the colour on the kitchen wall! 🙂 xo

  3. Oh Mandy, you know how much I miss the beach and a wee walk with you in the next best thing. beautiful captures esp the bird under a leaf.. Incredible! oh and the dessicated (I hope) fish.. very cool shot.. thank you for the outing.. c

  4. I love your photos Mandy, they’re always wonderful, but beach photos? My fave 🙂 Thanks for taking these and posting them. A beach is just what I needed right now!

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