This is what my dinns consists of most evenings of late, with a variation of fish and chicken so there hasn’t been a recipe the past couple of weeks.  Apologies for the bad quality photograph.

Steak and salad

T-Bone steak and salad with a yoghurt and sweet chilli dressing 

I have over the past while gained a few unwanted kilos, which wasn’t too difficult to accomplish however trying to get rid of them aint so easy!  It is very true the older you get, the more difficult it is to shed a few kilos.  So in light of an important birthday coming up in May, I thought I would get a head start before I am officially, well let’s just say a little older.

Anyhoo, without dwelling on the unwanted weight, I have been a very good girl the past couple of weeks watching my calorie intake, increasing my portein, using minimal fat and have for the most part cut carbs out all together – something I didn’t believe was possible, but here I am a couple of weeks in and I am still here to tell the tale.  I have never really had much of a sweet tooth so I haven’t cut  back on my sugar intake except for consuming very little fruit.  I am not officially dieting as I don’t believe in diets, I am just being concious of what I am eating.

An average breakfast consists of an egg or two usually scrambled or an omelet of sorts and occasionally a wee cheat with brown bread French toast.  Lunch is a salad with protein of sorts and supper pretty much consisting of the same alternatively stir fried veggies with protein.  I have not deprived myself of my wine (yip, I have forgone the gin and tonics) and enjoy a spritzer (which also helps with the calories) in the evenings with my meal.  If I get peckish through the day, I will have a yoghurt and I drink lots of water with lemon and still quite a few cups of tea.

I don’t anticipate I would be this successful in winter, although, I could survive on soup and carb free hearty stews.

So here’s to me reaching the point (soon I hope) where I feel comfortable again – I have no idea what that equates to in kilos as I am not particularly concerned with what number the scale throws out at me.  Once “there” I will slowly incorporate the foods I have cut out so I can maintain my comfort level.


50 thoughts on “Weight…

  1. I have cut down on my carbs and like you I still enjoy my glass of wine:) and hopefully all this decorating I am doing will help me lose as well. Still no camera, so no blogging for me either.

    • The wine also helps with the sanity factor… I bet all your decorating will go a long way to helping the weight loss and help you firm up to. A double win. 😀 No, how very upsetting about your camera! Hope you get it sorted soon. Enjoy the rest of your decorating. 🙂 xo

  2. Last year, I planned to lose at lease 10 kg, but instead I gained 5 kg. It’s so so difficult to get rid of the extra weight. I think I need to work a little harder on it. I like your plan, too. And I might adapt it into my life 🙂

    • It’s not too difficult Tes, although it does take a certain amount of discipline and adding exercise would help speed up the process too. Best of luck, I hope you achieve your goal weight soon. 🙂 xo

  3. Well done to you – this is exactly the aproach I take when I need to. Well, to be honest, I always need to…but when I extra specially need to! Good luck and can’t believe you’re going to be …. what 20…25?! 😉

    • Tanya, you are my favourite – halving my age is the bestest ever compliment EVER! Have a beautiful weekend. I am going to a nieces birthday so will no doubt fall of the wagon a wee bit. Oh well, not the end of the world, I will just pick up from where I left off again on Sunday. 🙂 xo

  4. Even though there’s not a carb in sight, that’s a great looking dinner for someone trying to shed a few kilos. I think lots of people are cutting out carbs these days and my older two both scream at me, ‘There’s no carbs in that is there?’ It’s as if carbs are poison xx

    • Well Charlie, carbs are my poison, although saying that, it has been easier to cut them out than I thought – hope all hell doesn’t break loose when I incorporate them back into my diet. Have a super carb filled weekend. 🙂 xo

  5. It sounds like you’ll drop those additional kilos in no time, Mandy. You certainly have a good plan and the wherewithal to stick to it. I really need to follow your example and pay more attention to what I’m eating. It was a very good — make that VERY good — holiday season and I look like it was even better. Whatever happened to that metabolism we all had at 20 years of age, where we could lose a kilo just by skipping lunch?
    Have a great weekend!

    • I want my “metabolism” back too John! Honestly, this getting older thing is not for sissies. AND I will have to shed a few extra kilos before coming to visit cause I know I will eat way too much. Have an awesome weekend too. 🙂 xo

  6. the first thing i do when i want to lose a few pounds is cut out the carbs, once you get past the three day craving period it is plain sailing and wonderful. i always feel lighter,( metaphorically and physically) without the stodge and i have to agree that steak and salad is also my favourite dinner. When i lived alone this is what i ate when I cooked. LOVE it!! morning mandy.. celi

  7. I think your approach to getting to a comfortable weight is perfect. The way you are going about it is the way to successfully keep it all as well.

  8. You’re inspiring Mandy! I can totally relate. It started with our trip to New Orleans and then we rolled right into the holidays. And like you said – it’s hard to not go for some comfort foods in the winter. I’m trying though. Finally got my workouts back on track. Now if I could get my eating habits on board with that, all will be well again. 😉 I agree with many of the sentiments above – wish I had my old metabolism back too! I like your approach and I think you’ll be right where you want to be for that big birthday. No doubts about it!

    • The exercise bit is something I need to incorporate more Kristy – I do a little bit in the morning but could definitely do more which as we do will help the weight loss. Have a beautiful week ahead. 🙂 xo

  9. I don’t have scales – I think it’s better to gauge how you feel in terms of size, health and comfort. I think we know when we’re over-eating. Sounds like you have a sensible balanced plan.

  10. oh that weight is going to start falling off- just you wait and see! I believe the best results come when you take it slow and don’t limit yourself to everything! You have the perfect attitude about it and i know your going to do great. Hey and that t-bone looks mighty fine

  11. What a great mouth watering meal! Speaking of weight…I’ve just started exercising to lose my weight. Since blogging, I’ve been suffering from weight gains. I think it’s not because of food intake, but mostly late night work and I cut down on my exercise so that I can blog. >_< You inspire me to keep on trying my exercise I just re-started…

    • I am equally as guilty about sitting for far too much of the day Nami and find it quite difficult to get into a regular exercise routine. I would love to hear what type of exercise you do to keep the weight off. Have a lovely day. 🙂

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