Lando’s Daughter’s Birthday Cake

Lando is our deaf handyman / gardener who takes wonderful care of our home and garden every week.

Lando only became deaf as an adult and has adapted to being deaf as if he was born that way.  He reads lips perfectly and we are still in the stop start throws (when time allows) of learning sign together.  We have created a few of our own signs to better communicate with each other for the days when my Afrikaans and his English aren’t quite on the same page.

Lando's daughters cake

Lando asked if I would bake his daughter a birthday cake for her second birthday.  He said he didn’t want those little things that I like making (cupcakes), he wanted one big cake.  So not knowing which cake recipe would be best as I make all of them into cupcakes, I decided to use the one I converted last which was the dairy free recipe, you know, my new favourite recipe.  I made a double portion and was thrilled with the result even though I probably turned the cakes out a wee bit soon and left a morsel of the centre of the cake at the bottom of the baking tin.  Oops.

Only problem I had was when it came to the icing – I wanted princess pink for this little 2 year old but alas it kinda came out orangeish which did not sit well with my OCD issues but time did not  allow to remake the icing plus there was barely any time to ice the cake before it had to get whisked off to the birthday girl.  I wonder if it is because my food colouring is getting old?

No matter, all’s well that ends well and the cake was a hit!


44 thoughts on “Lando’s Daughter’s Birthday Cake

  1. That’s so lovely of you to make a cake for your gardener’s daughter. I didn’t notice the colour until you pointed it out. I’m sure the two-year old would never have minded the shade of pink – it looks gorgeous and I’m sure it was more than she could have imagined. xx

    • Thanks Celia! Thankfully with “gestures” they are universal. When we learn a new one, I use the English and Afrikaans words. I must say though we have been quite slack the last while as there have been so many other things taking precedence. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  2. You are such a sweetheart to do this for his daughter & it sure looks pink on my computer. I love the little flowers (or would you call them something else?). I’m guessing that she love the cake & it was very special to her.
    Cracks me up that he specified “not those little things you make”…BIG!
    That’s really awesome that you’re learning sign language – always good to know.

    • I reckon we could call them flowers Diane, I’m not that good with icing so I like your compliment :-D, thank you! I also had to have a chuckle when he said not the little ones. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

      • Excellent – I wasn’t sure if there was some fancy cake decorating name for those flowers but I thought you did a fantastic job. You can do my cakes anytime since that is not something I’m very good at.

        • You have me thinking Diane – I’m sure there are fancy names for all the different icing shapes – but I like flowers – works perfectly well. What a fabulous compliment, thank you, I would be honoured to decorate your cakes for you. Now if we just lived a little closer to each other. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  3. I’ve not been getting your subscriptions. I shall subscribe again. Love the PRETTY IN PINK cake. I’d LOVE to take a cupcake/cake decorating class!

    Xxxx LOVE. xxxx

    • Oh no! I wonder why you aren’t getting my post notifications – seems I am not getting yours either any more! I have also resubscribed! Hope this doesn’t happen again! Have a beautiful day friend and so good to be in contact again. 🙂 xo

    • I wish I had remembered to ask Lando to take a picture for me on his phone – oh well, I’m sure he will want me to make another cake next year.
      I had a beautiful birthday thanks Cindy – Pete was home which made it special – he is usually away on business.
      Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂 xo

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