What I See From My Back Porch – Miss C’s Challenge

Our friend Celi over at The Kitchens Garden has a challenge for all of us – to share a view from our back porch / step / door / window.  Celi always shares her daily view with us so I think it’s a great idea for us to share our view with Celi.  Please take part in this fun challenge, it would be lovely to see what you see from your back door; remember to link back to Celi’s post over at The Kitchens Garden so she can share it with everybody else.

Here is a portion of what I see from my back door, sitting on the top step.  What you can’t see in this shot is our lapa which is to the left.  If you look at the overexposed tree on the left of the shot (behind the pot of peppadews) – that’s where our little herb garden is going to be.  The rest of the area is mainly ferns, palms and lilies and see that long brown thing sticking up into the air with finger like things sticking straight up, hold on, let me show you from the other side, then you will see what I am talking about…

Back door view for C  1

Back door view for C  2

There you go, now you can see I am talking about our tree fern.  They really are exquisite to have in your garden and just so long as they get enough shade, they will be very happy, although I must say, having it so close to the house causes a wee bit of havoc as the spores on the back of the fronds blow in through the windows and leave brown mini ball type things on the window sills.  A small price to pay for the beautiful tree.

You can also see Pete’s soon to be retired braai which was fashioned from an old gas cylinder cut in half.  We have had so many wonderful meals from it.  Sadly though it is starting to rust through the bottom.  We will use it as long as we still can before the bottom falls out.

Now it’s your turn – what do you see from your back door?  Celi and I would really like to see.


48 thoughts on “What I See From My Back Porch – Miss C’s Challenge

  1. I Looove what you see, Mandy. Great tree.

    I shall post what I see, too. There is a little yellow cat who lives in the back. He is adooooooorable. I shall wait until he’s outside to take my photo.

    LOVE. Xxxxxx

  2. Fabulous to see your space Mandy, I can see me there, pottering around, or even sitting back watching the man at work at the Braai 🙂 And the tree fern looks stunning, Cx

  3. Love your view, Mandy! So pretty and organized..and very peaceful and colorful, too! A great place to hang out, and I would enjoy it a lot. I need to post our view…we had a big storm last night so it’s a mess!

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  5. I love this idea.. it was fun to imagine I was sitting on the porch with you Mandy:) Your tree is stunning, it is very unusual and completely different from what we can grow here! My fingers are crossed your braai lasts a few more months! xx

  6. What a lovely patio, Mandy! I bet you’ve spent plenty a wonderful evening on it. Now, as for as the view out my back door, well, be careful what you wish for. Stay tuned… 🙂

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