Our Mauritius Vacation

A somewhat longer read to my normal posts, maybe you can grab a cuppa or glass of wine first…

Pete and I have come full circle from when we first went to Mauritius to look for a home to rent in August 2008 and now for a holiday.  We even stayed in the same hotel and quite honestly, if memory serves, the very same room!

Mauritius June 2013  15

I didn’t know what to expect and was quite surprised at how incredibly emotional I was on the drive from the airport to the hotel.  It felt like just yesterday we were there and even though so much has changed in the way of new shopping malls, everything was exactly the same.

Mauritius June 2013  97

Arriving on a Sunday is not ideal as most of everything is closed.  We booked on a bed and breakfast basis as it worked out WAY cheaper than half or full board, plus we know where to go for good local food at good prices.  Just ask my waist line!  We were surprised to learn that room service closed at 18h30.  So our first evening’s dinner consisted mostly of whiskey for Pete and wine for me – great start to our holiday. 😀

Monday was a normal work day for Pete so we were up and at them early. I woke with a horrible headache and no it’s not from my wine dinner, I get a horrible head from flying – honest!  After a bite of breakfast and thankfully a headache that had subsided, I was jumping up and down with excitement to spend the day with a very special friend.  We really did need 2 days together as we never finished any one story – you know what it’s like.   What a fabulous day though.  Elizbe moved to the area where we lived (just after we left the island – typical) and took me to see her new home which meant we had to drive passed our old home – what a weird experience!  The day was filled with that – so many of the same things – literally nothing has changed in 2 years and then there was the flip side of new centres with stores from home.

Mauritius June 2013  27

Sadly the day had to come to and end and while I was waiting on our little patio for Pete to return from the office, the most precious kitty came to say hello.  Oh she was just too adorable and loving for words.  No guessing the first thing I did was pour her some milk and give her lots of love.  Pete and family all launched into it is so typical of a cat to find its way to me – I must smell good to cats I guess.  Kitty definitely wasn’t pregnant and as far as I could gather from her teets, her babies must have been grown.

Mauritius June 2013  78

Pete and I enjoyed the luxury of a lay in the following morning followed by a relaxed breakie – the start of my weight gain was already in full force.  We hired a car and head into Port Louis.  It was just like being there with Pete on the days I used to go to the office with him.  Such fond memories and lovely to be reliving them.  My ever loving hubby bought me lovely topaz jewellery and a new watch before we spent a lovely lunch hour with Pete’s ex PA in the park under the trees eating much loved dhalpuri’s.

Mauritius June 2013  34

Each evening Pete and I would walk from the hotel into Grand Baie to eat at a different restaurant.  There was one we always used to drive passed when we were living on the island but never ate at – how silly we were!   Our lunches mostly consisted or roti’s, dhalpuri’s and mine frite (fried noodles) so there went the idea of low carbs!  Damn fabulous addictive carbs are fully to blame for my weight gain.  Make no mistake though, I enjoyed every single mouth full.  I was on holiday after all said and done.  Oh, and I insisted on taking our leftovers which we gave to the street dogs.  It breaks my heart to see how many there are!   The street animals was the one thing I could never get used to when we lived on the island – I am pathetically sensitive when it comes to animals and fall apart at the seams when I see them.  Moving swiftly along with happier times.

Mauritius June 2013  135

The following day we walked over from the hotel to Super U, the one stop shop where we used to do our Saturday morning grocery shopping.  The “centre” has had a major overall, revamp and extension done with loads of new satellite stores and even a market.  Super U itself though is as we left it which was a lovely welcome back feel and Pete and I were calling to each other every other second saying “look here – do you remember this and that”.  It was however odd walking the isles with a small basket and not pushing a trolley being filled with all the essentials.

Directly in front of our bedroom was the location for the resort weddings – girly heaven!  It was beautifully set up every afternoon for a 15h30 wedding.  Pete was happy sitting on the patio tapping away at his laptop while I ran up and down with excitement snapping away at the nervous grooms while waiting to spot the bride who always seemed to be late.  We made friends with the one couple who were out from the UK getting married – just the two of them while family await their return back home for the big celebrations.  How romantic it all was but Pete adamantly said no every time I suggested we renew our vows.  No matter as our little kitty came every afternoon for her milk and cuddle.

Mauritius June 2013  45

We reunited with a friend who owns a side walk café / bakery / mini restaurant – not sure what to call it as he offers so many different wonderful types of food.   Moenzo is the most wonderful chef who makes croissant fresh every day along with a myriad of other pastries and sweet treats and fondants.  Sadly we never found time for Moe to give me a personal lesson on how to make the perfect croissant.  Moe was kind enough to bake us a brownie style cake which we took with to our friends Dom and Chanti for dessert – it was DIVINE!  About my weight gain…

Mauritius June 2013  95

Pete and Moe comparing pictures of their motorbikes

Mauritius June 2013  142

Moe’s heavenly cake

On one of our afternoons, Pete needed to get a few emails and the like out the way so instead of interrupting him every other second, I tootled off to the pool for a bit of sun and relaxation.  Well, even if I hadn’t put on the extra couple of kilos, I would still have felt like an old, wrinkly, cellulitey, floppy unfit beached whale!  I have never seen so many perfect bodies in one place, ever!  You should see the way they make young girls now days – perfect I tell you, perfect!  How absolutely infuriating – it’s almost as if they have all put in orders for how they want their bodies to look – clearly I missed that memo!  When Pete joined me I relayed my dismay and discretely pointed out all the perfection surrounding us and he reminded me that they are all still so young.  Hmm, I think that was a compliment directed my way…

Mauritius June 2013  62

Pete’s island office

Our last night arrived all too quickly and whilst enjoying sundowners (sort of as it was pouring with rain) on our patio before heading out for our last supper, our kitty arrives for her milk – right on cue.  To date, Pete has managed to keep her out of our room by closing the sliding door into our room – well not this time – I went in and she managed to slip in behind me and took up residence on our bed after having a good old sniff around and investigation of her surroundings.  No sooner had she sussed out the room, she turned on her furry paws and head off out the gate into the distance – well so we thought.  No sooner had she vanished out of sight, she was back with a baby in mouth.  Oh heavens!  I really did try and keep myself together but the poor little poppet was shivering with cold and was sopping wet!  Let’s ignore my flappiness and fast forward to our return to the room after our last supper… I made Pete look out the door from behind the curtains, he informed me we now have 4 babies!    Yes, I know it is entirely my fault, but I just cannot help myself!

Mom and babies

Mobile phone pic so not very good, sorry.

Fast forward through a sleepless night for me and now with only hours left before we need to depart for the airport I launch into calm mode and simply need to get the mommy and babies safe and sound.  Long story short, the most magnificent lady from PAWS Mauritius came and fetched our mommy and her 4 babies.  Once babies are weaned, they are only about 2 weeks old, mom will be sterilised and permanent human families are being sourced to take our furry little family in.  Once our babies are old enough, they too will be sterilised which will mean 5 more cats unable to increase the already over populated and extremely difficult to care for animals on the island, so the end result of my traumatic story, alls, well that ends well.  Now, all that’s left is to place our babies and mommy cat in loving homes.  I would have brought them back in a heart beat if we could have.  As you know we already have two Mauritian fur babies who we brought home with us 2 years ago.  The best we could do for our hotel kitties was make a donation to the PAWS Mauritius foundation which will hopefully cover the costs of sterilisation and food.

So, here we are back home in the cold weather, with new and wonderful memories to keep us warm.


52 thoughts on “Our Mauritius Vacation

  1. Ohhh, what a fabulous, beautiful holiday for you & Pete.

    You captured 2 of my all time favorite things: CATS & Chocolate Cake.


    Mandy, whenever we travel, I take photos of cats, too! I have several photos from the Virgin Islands to Grand Cayman of Tabby Cats.

    Thanks for the link to Paws.


    Xxxx LOVe.

    • It really was fantastic to get away together again – we so rarely get the opportunity. Love that I captured 2 of your favourite things darling. 😉 I too, can not help myself photographing cats – I am sure they find their way to me every time we go somewhere, although I have never been to exotic places like you. Maybe one day.
      Have a beautiful day friend. 🙂 xo

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous time, glad you were able to help the kitties. That cake looks gorgeous, next time I make a choc cake I’m going to copy his decoration.

    • I need to check again today on how our little kitty family is fairing. I do hope they get homes soon. The fruit is such a lovely idea to make a cake look pretty. Have a super day Sue. 🙂 xo

  3. It sounds like you left a part of yourselves in Mauritius when you moved to SA two years ago. How precious those few days of your return visit clearly were. I’m so happy and relieved that you took such good care of that mummy and her babies – just so thrilled there’s a happy end to this story. Sounds like the Island needs to do something about the abandonment of so many animals xx

    • You are quite right Charlie, we did leave a part of ourselves on the island. It is so incredibly sad to see the governments lack of care with the animals and PAWS relies solely on donations which is extremely difficult for them, especially when there are so many thousands of animals running around. At least they have the mobile facility to travel the island sterilising as many animals as they can. I really could not get used to seeing it every day when we were living there.
      Here’s to us being able to holiday back on the island in another 2 years time. 😀 Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  4. A fabulous post, Mandy. I found the photos wonderful and don’t know what to comment on first – those adorable kitties or Moe’s droolworthy cake. And the wedding setting … how absolutely romantic. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Cindy! I really wish we could have brought all the kitties home with us but alas and as for Moe’s cake – think I should ask him for the recipe to share with everybody. It really was fabulous! Have a beautiful week. 🙂 xo

  5. Aw Mands, what fabulous photographs! How cute are those little ginger and white babies! Adorable! Well done my friend for getting them sorted out before leaving, you know the alternative is too horrible to contemplate. Lovely, lovely story telling images. Did you drive past our house too? Did you see Fibi? xxxx

    • Aww, thanks M! I wasn’t all that happy with my shots – think I am still getting used to this new camera and lenses. Our little babies were such happy chubby little things. I still cannot stop thinking about them and hope they are all doing well. I am too scared to ask how they are – such a silly girl I am! Sadly we didn’t go past your house – we turned at the road just after ours to get to Elizbe’s house so no Fibi visuals I’m afraid. BTW, you would have loved the weather – it wasn’t at all hot – just nice. Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

  6. You are indeed a lady after my own heart. Don’t worry too much about carrying extra weight. I have always wrestled with my weight and yes it annoys me that the girls and young women I see around are soo thin! However your huz is right they are YOUNG and they have little experience of real life. I always smile to myself now and think ‘Just wait till you have your own babies and then see what happens to that ‘perfect’ figure’. Once gravity takes over it’s really all downhill isn’t it?

    • Hi Merryl, thanks for stopping by. 🙂 Sadly I don’t even have the excuse of having babies so I feel like my body has failed me unnecessarily over the years. My mom always says that age is a wonderful thing as with it comes acceptance – well I just hope I don’t have to wait until I’m in my 60’s for it all to happen, also being such a lover of food doesn’t help either. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

    • Mandy I am 60 and I can tell you that with advancing years does come acceptance so yep your Mum was right. I accept a lot more things nowadays than I did when I was say in my 30’s. I can finally accept that I am a plus size person and I’m (finally) okay with that. BTW don’t be too hard on yourself either.

  7. Such a wonderful post, Mandy. Even though Pete had to work, it sounds like you both had a fantastic time, merging the Past with the Current. I’ve not been to Mauritius but have been to other islands and the stray dogs & cats always pull at my heart. I’m glad this cat found you. She and her kittens will be well-cared for and none will add to the problem of more strays. That’s the best outcome one could hope for. 🙂
    Welcome home!

    • Thanks John! I honestly try and psych myself up to being able to handle seeing the animals but alas I cannot! Pete even tries to distract me to look at something else or steers me off in another direction. I hope our mom and babies find loving homes really soon. Looking forward to catching up with you John. Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

  8. Oh Mandy – what an incredible holiday you and Pete had (and it was great to see photos of him but we needed some of you….!) I could relate to so much of what you said…happy memories, things changing, shopping in old haunts, discovering new one and of course kitty rescue. She came to you as she knew you would help her 🙂 What a very wonderful thing you did for your beloved kitty!

    • Oh Tanya, I am shocking at having my photograph taken – I promise to make the effort though. It really was quite surreal being back on the island and being able to help one mommy cat and her babies was incredible! Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  9. What a wonderful homecoming you had to Mauritius. And for sure that kitty needed you and you were there to make sure she and her babies were well taken care of…such a lovely ending to your beautiful vacation. So happy you and Pete had that time together in one of your favorite places. 🙂

  10. First I thought I couldn’t keep my eyes off the vacation hotel. It looked amazing and the view was spectacular. Then you had to take a photo of that cake. I AM IN LOVE with that cake Mandy lol. I wish I had it right now. I’m so happy you had a wonderful holiday

  11. Mandy what a perfect get-away! I loved reading this post & it’s got me so interesting in the beautiful paradise that I just have to do more reading about it. Of course visiting would be better I’m sure. I don’t even dare show my daughter that wedding site – what a memory that would be. Now why am I not surprised that you somehow managed to not only find one kitty but a mama with kittens! I commend you for taking care of them before leaving but boy, it would have been tempting to put them all in my bag…hey, what’s a few more?
    (p.s. I’ve just had to buy a new computer which unfortunately for me has Windows8 installed so I’ve been having quite a time figuring this system out & getting into your post. I’m sure it’s Windows & not your blog but I’m so glad that I was finally able to get in here to read your post).

    • I often think visiting a place is so different to reading about it, sometimes there are things omitted that you can only experience once there. So when did you say I should meet you in Mauritius… oh that would be fantastic! We could always just check it out as a wedding venue for your daughter. 😀
      I desperately wanted to keep the mom and her babies but sadly it was beyond an impossibility to bring them home, a fact which Pete is sighing with relief.
      Wish I could help you makes things easier with your Windows8 but alas I am behind you in technology. How odd that SO much is different with it – I think my hubby has it on his new work laptop. I hope it’s not my blog, I will have a nose about and see if anything has changed my side and let you know if I find anything.
      Have a beautiful weekend Diane. 🙂 xo

      • Oh how I would love to see Mauritius & if my daughter even got a peek at that picture she’d be packing her bags right now.
        My husband just stopped by the store where we bought this computer & he said that everyone’s having problems with Win8 (well almost everyone because you’d know if Pete was having a problem since he’s be screaming a lot). In any case, the store manager was terrific & is ordering us a new computer and will check it out for us since apparently a lot of computers were shipped with a known virus in Java & it’s not even worth trying to reimage the computer. So hopefully by next week I’ll be up & running and only dealing with learning the new Windows…but I can still grumble about it since it really isn’t made for a desktop. How bad is it that when we tried to download on this computer it locked us out & I had to use my Apple IPad to get help?

        • Oh good, so it’s not you and it’s not me – so pleased you are able to get a new computer – what a hassle though to start all over again when you get the new one. Pete is super gifted when it comes to computers (well I think so anyway) and he just has a knack of knowing how to get around things, although I am sure I heard a few huffy words when he first got Windows8. I’ve never understood why they always have to change things – maybe we are just getting older and more resistant to change with these computers and the like. Too funny though that you had to use your Apple IPad to get help. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  12. What a fabulous holiday Mandy! And I know just how you felt those weird, yet comforting feelings of going back “home” even though you’re no longer really “home.” It’s the same way every time we go back to our old home on a holiday. So much is familiar, there’s always something new and certainly something surreal about driving past your old house. And what a gift you gave those kitties giving them to PAWS. That’s where we just adopted our new little kitty. I would have been beside myself. I have such a hard time with street animals as well. Can’t tell you how many I wanted to take home from our honeymoon. Thank you for sharing your trip. I loved the photos and could just sense the happiness and relaxation in your writing. I’m very happy for you. 🙂

    • I am thrilled to hear you guys got a new kitty and especially that you got him/her from PAWS. I get so saddened when I hear people are on silly waiting lists to get there dog or cat from a breeder when there are SO many loving animals in need of good homes and I am sure people could if they feel the need to have a pure breed still find one in a shelter. Sorry, that was a little bit of a rant. Thank you for your lovely words. Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂 xo

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