Angled Potted Herbs

Remember a while back we all got the awesome idea from my clever friend Des to stack pots in our gardens.  Well I just couldn’t wait for Spring so scrummaged through our spider infested shed (I was so brave all on my own – John, I know you will appreciate this fact) and found a few pots – all a bit battered but still very functional and some steel poles (hope Pete doesn’t need them for something) and set to work in my little cordoned off herb garden which I have spoken about before.  Once I saw what Des did in her garden, I was sold and changed my entire idea to follow in her foot steps.  Thanks again Des!

Potted herbs

Winter isn’t the best time for herbs but I have persevered  and at least have some spinach, lettuce (not herbs I know), oregano, rocket, thyme, parsley – moss curled and flat leaf, spring onions, dill, garlic chives and birds eye chillies.

I could supply all foodies bloggers with bay leaves from our bay tree which you can see sticking out behind the centre row of pots – it is trying to do a Jack and the Bean Stalk number and keeps getting taller and taller.  I am continually hacking away at it to keep it from taking over the herb garden.

Now I cannot wait to fill in the open spots with a few more pots and plant basil, coriander, sorrel, sage and rosemary.

Out of view in the photo are two free standing ceramic pots on either side of the herb garden.  The one pot has mint in it and the other has baby tomatoes.  There is one more ceramic bowl type pot which currently has a peppadew plant in it – I want to add some strawberries when they are in season too.

Bring on Spring! 😀


42 thoughts on “Angled Potted Herbs

  1. I would love to have a bay tree. I had one in our previous home and I dug it up and brought it with us. It died. I miss it very much as I found that in winter with all the comfort cooking I was often making meals requiring bay leaves. Very sad! I love the look of all your pots xx

  2. All hail Mandy! If only this were different times. Minstrels would sing of how, all alone, you bravely battled the evil spiders for control of the much-valued clay pots. The World would salute you and make pilgrimages to view your herbs and take away a bay leaf, for luck. Yes, if only …
    Instead, all I can do is say “Nice job! I like the pots.”
    Doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? 🙂

  3. That looks AWESOME, really awesome! I can’t believe you went in a shed full of spiders though. I think I would have sent in a swat team first. Oh, I’ll take some bay leaves, thank you. But if you can’t send them out, I’ve got a new idea for a wreath for you – bay leaf wreath – William Sonoma sells them for about a zillion dollars.

  4. I love the way these pots look..I may steal the idea, too, once we’ve stopped construction here. We love “yard art”! Of course I will first have to brave my own spider infested shed. Courage! 🙂

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