A Whisky tasting of sorts

Dad and Pete are quite the concessioners of whisk(e)y, well… they enjoy drinking it over ice cracked with a splash of water and both seem to enjoy the same brands.  Seems they both get gifted a few bottles too and managed to collect a few good bottles of Johnnie Walker.  I find they often taste very similar and can’t warrant the cost of some of the bottles but my knowledge is limited when it comes to scotch, and quite frankly enjoy a bourbon more than most whisky’s.

Whisky tasting 17

Pic sourced from Wikipedia

Anyhoo, the boys decided to see which blend they enjoyed “blind”, so the scene was set for a blind tasting – not necessarily to see if they knew which was which, more just to see which one they enjoyed the most.

Whisky tasting 1

The “secret” order for the taste testing

The contenders were Red Label, Black Label, Double Black, Platinum and Executive Club Collection.

Whisky tasting 2

Getting ready

I thought it would be fun to see if they could also guess which one was which so an exam paper was created.

Whisky tasting 3

The exam paper with a spelling mistake – oops!

Turns out both dad and Pete have expensive taste.

Whisky tasting 11

A sneaky shot of the boys doing their taste testing

It was great fun and both dad and Pete did very well on guessing which whisky was which.


30 thoughts on “A Whisky tasting of sorts

  1. Never did develop a taste for whiskey, Mandy. Then again, I’ve never tried a really good one. Don’t want to run the risk of wasting the whiskey nor the money. Make mine a vodka, please, and you can leave the bottle. 😉
    Have a great week!

  2. My husband enjoys whiskey too although I don’t even like the smell of it. Carl can definitely tell the difference between the cheaper brands and a quality scotch. And he’s been on a whiskey appreciation night with some of his mates. xx

  3. I enjoy the occasional tot of single malt, but having tasted a (very) few flights to compare, I’m quite certain I haven’t the sophisticated palate to discern much difference once things get above a certain age/price level, so while I do love a nice 10-20 year old bottling the rest would be better spent on, say, a car! [I can hardly believe how much they can charge us for liquids that no matter how delicious and memorable will only last as long as a grand evening!] Much of the time, I’m using the stuff for cookery anyhow, infidel that I am, so having a bottle of Jack Daniel’s fine liquor can serve nicely enough for both purposes without a large bank loan being involved. Meanwhile, I’m quite happily over here quaffing a decent wine, cider, or cocktail, not to mention all of the non-alcoholic options that are dandy liquid sustenance.

    All the same, I imagine it’d have been a delight to witness your experts in action!!


    • I agree Kath, some of liquors cost more than our bond repayments! Ridiculous! If Pete saw some of the good wine I use in cooking, I don’t think he would be very happy with me. Well, if it is good enough to drink, it is good enough to cook with. 😀 It was very entertaining watching the boys do their thing. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

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