Garden Update

Spring is in the air – oh joyful and happy times!  I am most grateful that we had a mild winter and the joys of spring have come up in wonderful colours in our garden.   Spring seems to start earlier and earlier each year – maybe it’s just me getting older…

We have the most lovely loquat tree in the top corner of our garden.  If memory serves, we got it as a small potted plant from my brother-in-law Derek from his Plettenberg Bay garden.    I’m never sure what to do with the fruit, other than make jam, so sadly I usually leave the birds to feed to the hearts content.  Soon the fruit will be a beautiful yellow.


We have two lemon trees.  The older of the two seems to be diseased with the skin of the lemons and branches getting odd spotty growths which rub off easily.  The fruit however is unaffected and I have yet to find juicier lemons.  Our second tree came about after slicing open a lemon for a gin an tonic and found one of the pips had started sprouting inside the lemon.  Pete just popped in the ground, et voila, one lemon tree later which produces the most perfect lemons.


Our fig tree has sprouted figs on a bare tree!  Poor tree must be a tad confused – there are no more than two dozen teeny tiny leaves at this stage and nearly as many figs.  Doubt these little fellows will develop properly, let alone ripen as it is far too early in the season.  When we pruned the tree, I took a few cuttings and  stuck them in potting soil after dipping them in hormone growth powder and it seems to have worked!  I am not getting too excited just yet, hence the lack of photos of the cuttings.

first fig

Our two strelitzia plants are both thriving at the moment.  Each plant has no less than 5 flowers in glorious bloom.  They make for the most beautiful cut flowers and last an age in a vase.


Yay!  My sweet peas have finally started flowering.   The rambling plants look much like a weed sadly and have a tendency to take over but I just love the look and smell of the flowers – definitely one of my favourite smells and it’s a delight to see small vases all over our home of these pretty flowers.

sweet peas

We have three arum lilly plants in our lapa/braai area and all 3 have started producing the biggest lillies we have ever had.  I often have a tall vase filled with arums in our entrance hall standing at attention waiting to greet guests.

arum lillies

Our peach tree literally went from blossoms with no leaves to leaf laden branches with two remaining blossoms before I could get any photos.  No sooner had I taken this photo when a gust of wind come up and blew the pink petals to the ground.

peach blossom

Last but by no means least, are a few chilli plants which I have planted in one of the three box/window planters in front of Pet’s workshop.  I am a little undecided what to plant in the other 2 – possibly marigolds or maybe even some herbs.

chilli plant

I can’t wait to get back in the garden again.  Here’s to a wonderful summer!

Sorry if I am absent from your blogs’ this week, I am away for the week and will catch up with you all next week again. 🙂


34 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Spring is sprung,
    De grass is riz,
    I wonder where dem birdies is?
    De little birds is on de wing,
    Ain’t dat absurd?
    De little wing is on de bird!

    Sorry – couldn’t resist! It’s all looking great Mandy. Our fig tree did the same thing too but the figs got to a certain size then fell off before maturing. Very odd! Have a great week, whatever you’re up to.

  2. Heavenly.
    Lemon Tree! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!
    I ‘ve never heard of a loquat tree. I love the fuzzy stems.
    Sweet Peas!
    you are in a kind of heaven, Mandy.
    Love. Kisses. More Love from Duluth. Xxx

  3. my lemon trees did so well at the beginning of the season but now they are tapering off. I wonder if I did something wrong. We did move them from our old house to the new one but the soil here is even better? Hum, love seeing your pictures and I love the new look

  4. You definitely have a green thumb, Mandy, and Pete, too! I can’t imagine planting a pip and having a beautiful lemon tree grow from it! Would never happen in my yard, for sure. Loved seeing your signs of Spring. Have a great week! 🙂

  5. Absolutely beautiful – the plants and the photo’s. I’m so jealous as our days are getting shorter & we’re heading into fall. Hopefully the Farmer’s Almanac prediction of one of our worst winters is wrong.

  6. Spring has definitely sprung in your corner of the World, Mandy. I really do enjoy seeing the warm weather come to you, even if it means the reverse for us. I hope your week away is a good one. 🙂

    • John, just as soon as I get home, I am going to start stocking up on some of the warmer weather for you and post it to you in increments to see you through the winter. Oh wouldn’t that be nice. Having a fabulous time seeing family.Catch up with you when I get back home. 🙂 xo

  7. You can eat your tree ripened loquats fresh from the tree just like you would your tree ripened figs or add, peeled or unpeeled, to a green salad or fruit salad, use to make pie.

  8. We’re entering Fall here in California, so I envy you your season of new growth. Your photos are lovely. What a joy your garden must be. Thanks for starting my day off with such beauty!

  9. Happy, happy summer to you and Pete! Your garden looks fabulous and so enticing. What I wouldn’t give for a little glimpse of it all (and a whiff of the lemons’ perfume and fruit!). Thank you for sharing such beauty and promise as your garden holds, Mandy dear!

    • I am sure your fig tree will do well Dedy. Our tree is mostly self sufficient. It will so nice when you can harvest your own fruit and not have to pay those hefty prices. Have a super day. I look forward to catching up with your posts soon. 🙂

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