Thank you Yuppiechef for the personal touch :-)

Living in a small town has it’s disadvantages, the lack of 00 flour being one of them.

I subscribe to receive Yuppiechef’s emails which are always jam packed with specials, new products and other wonderful things but all too often everything I like only ever makes it onto my imaginary wish list.  There are needs before I can get to the wants.

Anyhoo, a short while back when I opened the ever enjoyable email from Yuppiechef, what was smack bang in the middle of the screen, yip, 00 flour for R25.00 for 1 kilogram.  I could not resist and hit the buy button.  I am still amazed even with this small order, there was no delivery fee, bringing the pretty package right to my front door!

Yuppie Chef order 1

As far as I know all companies charge a delivery fee unless the delivery is over a certain amount and within a certain kilometre radius, neither of which I would qualify for under any other circumstances but Yuppiechef delivers for free throughout South Africa.

After completing my order I received a confirmation email thanking me for my order as well as subsequent emails keeping me up to speed with where my order was and when I could expect it to arrive.  I really do appreciate and enjoy the efficient way in which Yuppiechef has dealt with my teeny tiny order. 

Yuppie Chef order 3

On opening my pretty pink package, inside was a neatly sealed box and when I opened it, before I even got to my 00 flour I found a card, with a lovely handwritten message.  The card is perforated leaving you with a post card – such a clever idea!  Even better, the card “is printed on masuga™ paper – a locally produced environmentally friendly paper made from 90% sugar-cane waste (amazing, hey?) and 10% virgin wood fibres.  It is fully recyclable.”  Awesome!

Thank you Yuppiechef!

Right, now to get into the kitchen to make pizza, pasta and pie. 🙂

Yuppie Chef order 4

Disclosure:  I was in no way compensated or requested to mention Yuppiechef.  I was so impressed with their service, I felt it warranted a mention.

36 thoughts on “Thank you Yuppiechef for the personal touch :-)

    • Thanks Tanya. I’m getting there – I am nearly back to “normal”. Thanks so much for your loving concern, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy – love that! Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂 xo

  1. I certainly understand about living in a rural and not being able to find a lot of the products that bloggers use in their recipes. It sounds like you found a great company to deal with.

  2. Don’t you just LOVE finding a company that actually appreciates your business? And isn’t it sad at how low we’ve set our expectations that we’re almost shocked when we get good service. And how did all the baking go?

    • You are so right Diane. I think Yuppiechef realised there was a huge gap in the market when it comes to service and hit the ground running with getting it right! Have a lovely weekend. 🙂 xoxo

  3. I’ve never even heard of 00 flour. Another visit to google for me. 😉 What a great treat to have found some though – and from a place that is so caring.

    • I too have noticed that the price of delivery can sometimes be more than the item itself. This company really does have it right Dedy. Pity they aren’t in your part of the world. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

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