Jamie’s Crystal Heart

I receive the most beautiful greeting every morning when I open my office curtains.

Jamie's heart-3228

It is the crystal heart I received when my Godson James was born.  I love that when I open the curtains, the crystal catches on the curtain and waves at me before it settles down to watch over me while I sit at the computer.

When I hit a “blank”, I always turn to look out of the window for inspiration and seem to always settle on looking at Jamie’s heart.  I love how its colours morph throughout the day depending on how the sun streams through the window.

Jamie's heart-3202

Depending on the time of day, it reflects all the colours of the rainbow which instantly puts a gentle loving smile and hug in my heart.

Jamie's heart-3205

Jamie, thank you my darling boy for being with me every day. I love you very much. xo


38 thoughts on “Jamie’s Crystal Heart

  1. That is so beautiful Mandy & the thought behind it is lovely. Years ago my best friend bought me a big crystal heart (I almost included it in my IMK post but had packed it away for the kitchen demo). It had been hanging in my kitchen window catching the light, reminding me of what a beautiful person she was. She died of cancer 3 years ago yet I always look at it and think of the wonderful memories & person she was.

    • How lovely that you have a crystal heart too Diane. I am sorry to hear your friend passed away though but like you say, so nice that you have a daily reminder of her.
      Can’t believe I am getting so excited about your kitchen renovation – I cannot wait to see it all when it is finished. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  2. How precious to be a godmother. I have many nieces and nephews but none of their parents has asked me to be a godparent. I have a sister who is 34 weeks pregnant and when this baby is born I’m quietly hoping I might be given the honour. What a gorgeous heart. I love how the light continually changes its colour xx

    • Don’t feel alone Charlie, both my brothers never asked me to be godparent to any of their 6 children. My husband’s niece and her husband bestowed me the gift of being godparent to their youngest. Crossing fingers and holding thumbs your sister gives you the honour. Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

  3. There is absolutely nothing that compares to those tiny moments of recognition, remembrance and *rightness* that come when we need them, thanks to whatever small catalyst works for us. What a sweet one you have here–doubly so: the heart, pretty and pristine in itself, and the love of your dear Jamie, both returning your peace and focus when needed. Lovely.

  4. I have mementos in my kitchen window that warm me, remind me, inspire me. We need those things that take us to a place other than where we are, even for a moment, to refresh and gain perspective. What a sweet way to be reminded of Jamie and all that he means to you. 🙂

  5. Very nice Mands, the kaleidoscope of colours that bounce around the room from the crystal are meant to spread auspicious chi in your space, I have a crystal hanging in both bedroom windows too, it keeps the energy vibrant and fresh.

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