My brother Greg and his Family

Seems I have a bit of a family theme going on at the moment seeing this is my third family post this month.

Earlier in the month my brother Greg and his lovely family visited the River for a family vacation and stayed at my folks holiday home just down the road from our home.

Greg, Karin, Tom, Anne

Unfortunately the 2 days we set aside to do a family photo shoot  didn’t work out so the best I can do is share this 18 month old family portrait with you.

Sadly Pete was away at the time of their visit.  I think Greg and Karin felt a little sorry for me being on my own, even though I am more than used to it.  They lovingly invited me to join them every evening for dinner.

Karin is a vegetarian while the rest of the family are omnivores so there was a wonderful array of dishes and Karin opened my eyes to how delicious and varied vegetarian food can be.  I hope to share a few of her recipes soon.

Besides all the eating, which we as a family are very good at, it was such a heart warming experience to be a “fly on the wall” to watch how my brother and his family interact.  I never realised children can be so well behaved!  Tom is 7 and Annie 5 and never once did they argue with mommy or daddy when they were told to switch the telly off or get washed up for dinner, oh and these two little ones eat everything, what a refreshing change.  After dinner, instead of everybody sitting in front of the telly, they played games together, the children put on shows (so adorable) and they shared their favourite bits about that days outing with each other and planned what they were doing the next day before it was bath and bedtime for the little ones, which also came with no argument. Lovely.

I received daily notes from Tom and Anne with messages of how much they love their Aunty Mandy with pictures of the animals they saw, the sand dunes they played on, the river they swam in and the fish their daddy caught.  I even have a note saying Aunty Mandy is the best! 😀  I will treasure that always.

Notes for Aunty Mandy

It was lovely to spend time with a part of my family whom I hardly get to see as we live so many hundreds of kilometres away from each other.  Special times, the after effects of which are still keeping me all warm and fuzzy.


51 thoughts on “My brother Greg and his Family

    • Bwahahaha, I thought of you every second day when I did ANOTHER batch of cupcakes for them but I promise, hand on heart, never once did I ice them with caramel. 😀 Missing you and hope to see you soon. 🙂 xo

  1. You have a beautiful family – just like you! Thank you for sharing these precious memories with us, it’s lovely to hear about happy family moments…they make life so very special.

  2. Wonderful post, Mandy. Your Niece and Nephew look like little angels. Reading that they were so well-mannered and behaved, I think they may actually be little angels. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you were able to have such a lovely time with family. What precious memories. Those children sound so adorable – I’m not sure mine would have been so obedient! What a shame Pete missed the special occasion xx

    • I am sure these little ones also have their off days Charlie. Pete gets to see them all when he is in Johannesburg (where they live), so at least he doesn’t lose out all together. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 xo

  4. and aren’t they stunning looking too! I love seeing happy well balanced children who listen and work well with the family.. good for them.. and good for you too, i bet you had a great time.. c

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