Learning how to use Lightroom

I have a wonderful and very special friend Moira, who unconditionally teaches me all I know about photography and has now started teaching me Lightroom – a post processing and photo management programme.  Moira is truly a gifted teacher who understands exactly how to make you grasp and understand what she is teaching.  A real gift!

I don’t want to utilise Lightroom for anything more than enhancing an image.  As Moira explained to me, when using Lightroom, think of the photograph as a beautiful model without any make-up on and using Lightroom to add a little bit of lip-gloss and possibly some eyeliner. 

Seems there are a few more lessons involved for me, but after lesson one, I am happy to share with you a picture I chose (an old one) to play around with.


The original photo


The original photo with a few minor adjustments


The original photo with a few minor adjustments with added vignettes

Oh dear, only after I had finished making all of my changes did I notice that the original file I chose was not in its original size format.  I had already reduced the file size by 75%.  That will teach me for using an old photograph.  Oops, sorry Moira!

Sadly Moira and I live three and a half hours drive away from each other so I am not sure when lesson two will be able to take place.  In the meanwhile I will practice, practice and practice, using more current photographs.


44 thoughts on “Learning how to use Lightroom

  1. I’m about to purchase Lightroom as it’s going to take me too long to learn how to use Photoshop that’s so much more complicated. And they keep updating it and the updates are expensive. I think it’s great you have a friend who is so willing to help you but what a shame she’s so far away! I love what you did with your seascape image xx

    • Not sure if it will help Charlie, but I would gladly send you the notes I have made. I still have lots to learn but think what I have learnt so far is a great start. Have an awesome day. 🙂 xo

  2. I LOVE Lightroom! My brother-in-law is a photographer and he recommended it to me awhile back as a much simpler way to process photos, though he still recommended the final finish in Photoshop for detailed refinement. It has helped my photos immensely, as I am not as handy with a camera as I am in the kitchen. Though I have been using it for some time, I am ready to take a class to discover more — I am certain I am only using a small bit of its capabilities. Overall, I think you’ll end up loving it too. 🙂

    • Think I shall stick to using just Lightroom for now – too much for my old brain to learn Photoshop too. 😀 There is still loads to learn – it is wonderful being able to improve on a photograph which is already nice but just needs a wee bit of help. I am looking forward to taking some photos of two derelict houses a short trip from home and play around with them. Have a super weekend Judy. 🙂 xo

  3. Now that’s a good friend, Mandy, and you must be a pretty good student. Just look at the photos! It’s too bad that you both live so far away from each other. Perhaps you could stop for a visit with her on your way here? )

    • Angie, I have never used Photoshop before so I have nothing to compare Lightroom too, but I can say, if I understand what Moira has shown me, anybody can get it, promise. I don’t think I am anywhere near ready to be able to impart my knowledge yet but in the meanwhile if you like, I will gladly send you the notes I have made. Most of it should make sense. 😉 Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂 xo

    • Oh yes! I am going to have to get cracking with kitties! Now, just to get them to sit still for more than 30 seconds! They really are the most uncooperative models! Have a beautiful weekend dear. 🙂 xo

  4. Beautiful photography Mandy! You are very lucky to have a friend to teach you more about graphic arts. My son is a whiz at photoshop but I cringe just looking at all the options and I think it would take me so long to learn. I will have to check into Lightroom. That is the first time I have heard of this product.

    • I am so grateful for Moira, she really is a saint. I don’t have anything to compare Lightroom too but evidentially “they” say it is the way to go for post processing of images. Your images are just perfect they way they are Bam so you are already 90% there. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂 xo

  5. Isn’t it great when someone is willing to share their expertise? I use Digital Image Pro & just love playing around w/photos. But you have such a wonderful eye which I think is something a person either has or doesn’t have. We always take the camera away from my husband although now that everything’s digital it’s not expensive as when you had to pay for film & processing. Can’t tell you how many rolls of sky & water shots we have from vacations at the beach 🙂

    • Diane you are so sweet, thank you! Seems your husband and my dad come from the same family. 😉 There are loads of noses and up shots and knees and down, although I must say dad has improved in latter years, so there is still hope. Have a beautiful weekend Diane. 🙂 xo

    • Hi Glenda. I am still very new to using Lightroom and can’t compare it to other programmes but what I have seen and used so far, it is very user friendly (important for technically challenged people like me) and it seems it’s features allow you to do most anything to you photos . I would definitely recommend it to anybody interested in a post processing programme. I am currently using 3 but know 5 and the new Beta versions offer loads more. If you do get it and would like, I will gladly send you my notes – nothing fancy, just some helpful reminders on what each module does. Hope this helps. Have a super Sunday. 🙂 xo

  6. I could do with a Moira – I’ve been teaching myself through trial and error (and videos). Responding to your last comment – yes you can open the file from Lightroom in Photoshop, make any changes you need to there and then save into Lightroom. This has cut my editing time down considerably (as has the Lightroom watermark feature).

    • Well done Sally on teaching yourself. I would never have been able to do that. Must say having Moira to help is AWESOME! I still have loads to learn but can only handle baby steps – information overload would push me over the edge. 😉 Have a super week ahead. 🙂 xo

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