Getting fit after forty is not for sissies

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror and realised what used to be an okay body has now turned into a cellulitey flabby mess.  Well I have been doing that for the past 2 years and recently the need to get myself back into shape was important enough for me to get started.  Finally!

So, after being realistic and researching what exercises can be done at home, mostly without equipment (isometrics) I have settled on a weekly routine which includes 3 arm exercises, a tummy exercise, cycling and learning how to run.  That may sound silly but I have never run, not even around the block.

Vibram Merrels

Very tired feet

Pete bought me a really good pair of running shoes – a new age pair of runners based on Vibram technology – none of those padded and cushioned running shoes, these are based on running “barefoot” the way we are naturally supposed to run, just like the bushman – so from the outset I am learning properly.

Pete who has been running his whole life is well versed on how to do it properly and even sent me a supporting article on his theory of a run-walk sequence of getting fit without hurting yourself and staying motivated.  Oh isn’t theory wonderful.

This is where the age factor really hit home.  I have always been active so was fooled into thinking I was semi-fit.  It is a tad hard to get past the brick wall and have the endorphins takeover.  I am now of the opinion I was 100% unfit and with each new day I am getting stronger and fitter.  Woohoo!  Although this would have been a MUCH easier task had I started 15 years ago.  Lesson learnt a little late but better late than never.

Pete is an incredible motivator and PT Master.  I have been able to, albeit with a wee bit of wincing, run a bit further and on occasion slightly faster than the day before, proof that Pete’s theory really does work.

As you know, Pete does a lot of travelling and it was just pure chance he was home long enough to get me started.  Now, its all up to me without the motivational and encouraging words every few metres.  I asked Pete to make a tape for when he is away so I can play it over and over while I am running but alas he did not.

Oh and there will be no cheating or guessing what I achieved as Pete gave me a Garmin heart rate monitor, calorie counting, GPS thingy so just as soon as I have uploaded my daily stats Pete will be able to see exactly where I ran and what my times were no matter where he is in the world.  Isn’t technology amazing.

So, here’s to be sticking with my new found regime – summer won’t be a problem, it’s those winter days which worry me a bit.  Then again by the time winter comes I will be as fit as a fiddle and my tenacity will carry me through those cold days.  Well that’s what I am telling myself.


40 thoughts on “Getting fit after forty is not for sissies

  1. It’s so great that you’re sticking to a workout routine (always better late than never). It’s even better that you have someone in your life that’s motivating you 🙂 Sticking to a regular workout is tough (I’m still having trouble with it) and having someone there to support you really helps!

    • Thanks Tanya. The pups would be in their element – seems they all love running. I should make a note to do an updated post once a month. Have a beautiful day and happy wall stripping. 🙂 xo

  2. Good luck – I always find that having a goal helps – a fun run or something more serious (I cycled across Tibet a couple of years ago) and telling lots of people you’re going to do it means you can’t back out:)

    • Thanks! Pete has said I should set a 10 kilometre fun run as my target. He has started talking about times to do it in already too. Cycling across Tibet sounds magical and you are very right about telling lots of people – definitely the way to go to stay motivated. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

    • I can tell you that my knees are taking strain at the moment Lisa. Oh my goodness. Why don’t we just stay active from childhood then we wouldn’t have any problems. Oh the infamous hindsight. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

    • I used to do yoga regularly Angie and found it quite difficult to stay motivated doing it on my own. I reckon I should look at incorporating yoga back into my weekly routine too. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  3. “Getting fit after forty is not for sissies” Amen, Sistah! A couple years ago I bought P90X videos so I could workout at home (not so much of a runner). It is hard to stay consistent and I am grateful for my friend and neighbor who will come over and workout with me, it helps.

    Good for you, Mandy!

  4. oh dear, just wait for the 50’s!! lol…but if you keep this up, the 50’s will be no problem! I’m thrilled to see this post as I’m just getting started (again) in a serious mode to shape up really good for my upcoming birthday! I always keep in shape but I put on an extra effort 30 days out from my birthday so that I can wake up that day extremely happy!!!

    • Oh from your lips to Gods ears about me going strong and 50 not being a problem. I like your idea of the extra effort before your birthday – I will keep that in mind. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  5. Oh Mandy I so understand! My next birthday I’ll be 47. I can’t believe it. In my mind I feel 29 or maybe even 30 but I just can’t be 47. Right? LOL! You’ve inspired me. I just finished my morning run with Tank. 🙂

  6. Good for you (and better you than me)! Tennis was always my game & my tennis coach was always screaming at me to run for the ball. Personally, I had to rely on better serves & shots so I didn’t have to run.
    My daughter just got accepted to run in next year’s Boston Marathon with the Multiple Sclerosis team so she’s been out there training for next spring. She’s run 1/2 marathons but never a full so of course, she’s wondering how she’ll do, especially at the famous “heartbreak hill”.

    • Thanks Diane. Tennis, hmm, think I may have hit a couple of balls before but that’s it. I must say this running thing is quite something to get used to – kudos to your daughter. I am sure it will be a very emotional day! IF she has done half marathons before I am sure she will be fin with a full one especially with her being in training already. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  7. Good on you for getting fit. I thought I was pretty fit and then I took up jogging and realised how unfit I truly was. Unlike you, I didn’t go out and get decent jogging shoes and so ended up with a stress fracture so my jogging career was very short. I may not jog again but I definitely need to do more exercise xx

    • I remember reading about your stress fracture Charlie and it is ever present in my mind when I get out for a run. Seems my knees are the ones taking the punishment. Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

  8. O Brave New Mandy! Good on you, my darling. I wish you success in this as in all things, and also great happiness along the way. I’ve found that if the practice isn’t a pleasure in itself, I can’t stay motivated no matter what the payoff; conversely, those things I embrace in their work phase become productive not only in the long term but in the present. By far preferable! May you find great delight in being this new Action Figure version of yourself!!!

    • Kathryn, thank you so much for such beautiful loving sentiments. I am longing for the Action Figure version to kick-in but before I get there, there are still many hours of work ahead of me. I cannot wait to share the Action Figure with you. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

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