Our hot tray died

Seems I am one of the few “old-fashioned” people who still uses a hot tray.  Ours gets turned on twice a day every day.  Well, it did until it decided to implode on itself a short while ago.  I was very impressed to see how safely it did implode.  It had a very good innings as we have had it for a number of years before which, it belonged to Pete’s folks.  We guesstimate it to be around 40 years old.

Hot tray

Seeing this “antique” lasted so well, naturally we thought to replace it with the same make.  I am saddened to say like with so many other things, the quality of this product has gone from extremely good to extremely poor and doesn’t come at a reasonable price either.

We are now on our 4th one!  The first one’s handle which is now plastic and not wood like our old unit was broken before we even took it out of the box.  The second one had a screw rolling around inside of it and the third one’s handle where it attaches to the unit was broken.  We opened the second and third ones in store and thought we checked them properly – clearly not!  Not to mention the cost saving for the manufacturers who have shortened the length of the electrical cable by half.  So frustrating.

We thought to try a different make, which turns out is more expensive, smaller and if possible is made even more poorly.  More frustration.

It’s somewhat a miracle that I managed to make contact with the manufactures.  I was unable to contact them via their website as their “contact us” page required a verification code, which after several attempts did not not allow me to complete my complaint, I then emailed them.  I am still waiting to hear back from them!  Finally after a long run around I managed to contact  them telephonically, not that that helped very much – I am STILL waiting to hear back from them.  Each time I call, albeit I speak with the friendliest lady, I get given the next excuse or should I say promise, which has yet to come to fruition.  Fear not I shall persevere, it is now a matter of principle.

Not being able to function very well without a hot tray, we went to a different store where they take better care of their goods and sold us the best of the bad at a better price with a a hassle free guarantee.  Here’s to it lasting as long as our previous hot tray.

Do you use a hot tray?


61 thoughts on “Our hot tray died

  1. Yep, we have two and they come out when we have a function. Still have ye olde faithful Salton that we got for a wedding gift 28 years ago!!! Now also have a Salton Entertainer which makes 20 plates warm at once. Never used the glass dishes inside though. Gleaned from my Mom and still in mint condition!

    • Hi Geoff! Good to know I am not the only old fashioned soul. Aah yes, the hostess as my mom calls it, works a treat too. I would have loads more counter space if our hot tray didn’t have a permanent spot on the counter top. Have an awesome afternoon. 🙂 xo

  2. How frustrating. It’s so annyoying that we’ve become a disposable population not through choice but because manfuacturers make their products with such a short life expectancy. My microwave oven is 28 years old and I know that when that dies I shall never get one as good to replace it. Goodness, I sound like my mother

  3. yes I do, rarely, and mine is built into my sideboard, actually wonder if it still works? Hey it could be worse I have guests for 4 days and along with my home improvements, my vacuum cleaner and microwave have both decided to retire permanently – give I’m off to the big ‘pink’ store today!!

    Give your babies a chin scratch from me 🙂 Laura

  4. Oh, Dear. NOOOOo.

    Mandy, yes I use one ONLY for pancakes.

    Received the “SHOE” for Kay’s tree. I shall hang it up at the cemetery and send you a photo.

    THANK YOUUUuuu! LOVE to you, my Sweets. Xxx

  5. I haven’t owned a hot tray and don’t think I’ve seen them here very much any more. I have to read the book on my new stove (once it’s installed…almost) because that has a warming drawer in the bottom. Not quite the same as the tray but helpful for keeping a dish warm while finishing off something else.
    Isn’t it terrible how everything is so cheaply made now? I mean everything, even the things that used to be good brands. I bought a microwave less than 2 years ago to replace one that was almost 30 years old. It still works, but the paint on the bottom is all chipping off & it looks terrible. Manufacturers look for any little thing they can find to cheapen a product and make a few pennies more in profit.
    As for the cords! They’re all shorter now. I can barely set my IPad on a desk & plug it in. Some salesman tried to tell me that it was a safety feature so that people wouldn’t trip over cords. Come on…if the cord’s that short, we’re only going to plug it into an extensive cord which is certainly going to be a tripping hazard. I give you extra points for persevering on this one though!

    • How exciting about your new oven Diane. I have only ever owned one with a warming drawer – I must confess at the time I used it to store my baking pans.
      I am so glad I am not the only one who has noticed how badly things are made these days Diane and I agree, the story about being a tripping hazard is a load of nonsense.
      Looking forward to your next kitchen instalment.
      Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  6. Oh crumb! It is a pain to lose something you use so often … you are correct about manufacturers not making products to last anymore. We like to use a hand grater for our parmesan, the kind with the rotary arm that you turn, and they are not cheap even though made very cheaply. Even the metal one we bought had cheap plactic slides around the barrel which broke within a couple of months. Ugh. Just threw another one in the trash last week … I don’t want to give up looking for a good one because they can be so handy when they actually work!

    • I use it to keep both food and plates warm Angie. It really is a wonderful thing to have in the kitchen, especially when you are preparing a meal with many elements. Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

  7. Yes, I use hot trays when entertaining; I have two. It is a shame that people seldom think to use them or consider them ‘old-fashioned’.What’s so darned modern about cold food?LOL!

    • How lovely to own two – I honestly cannot work in the kitchen without a hot tray. Guess it is just what I am used to and “modern” people are accustomed to something else, or maybe just cold food. 😉 Have a super weekend. 🙂 xo

    • Hi Glenda. I use it to warm my plates or to keep something or another warm while I am finishing off something else. I am one of those silly ones who cooks every day, even when Pete is away, although I do sometimes manage to cook clever enough to have left overs which I reheat in the microwave. Have a super weekend. 🙂 xo

  8. I love to stop and read your posts…and think about a hot try. Never had one, I put my dishes in the oven if I want them warm. I do it every Sunday when we have crepes :)))

  9. We’ve had problems with the Pet Store that sold us our new puppy. I am waiting to hear from head office before a barrage of comments and exposure for their negligence shows up on my blog and every social media website I can find. I hope your new product works for years for you! I have three my mom and dad gave me and haven’t used them except for a few times.. so if you lived here, they’d be yours and probably last for years! They’re about the vintage of your imploded ones:D How do you use yours every day?? Maybe I need to get mine out??xx

    • Oh no Smidge, I am not happy to hear about the problems with the Pet Store! Urgh! Hope you get to the bottom of it ASAP!
      How lovely that you would be willing to gift me hot trays – THANK YOU! Very special. 🙂 I heat our plates before breakie and supper and I am always keeping something warm while finishing off something else. I guess I have just got accustomed to having it on the counter top so it’s always easy to use. Have a super weekend. 🙂 xo

  10. I’ve never used a hot tray either, and while I think I’ve seen one, I didn’t know what they were for until I read the comments here. Love learning new stuff! I don’t know that I’d use one even if I had the counter space for it..I have a plate warmer that I never use because I forget about it! Have a great weekend, Mandy! 🙂

  11. I have a hot tray that I use each year at our Christmas open house to keep appetizers warm. Hopefully you have gotten a better one this time but it doesn’t sound promising.

  12. Well, i’m sorry to hear that….
    actually i hadn’t any hot tray, but my does…..
    we used to use it only on gathering party, i guess you could use your stove too instead a hot tray…]but hot tray must be more pleasant to look in a dinner table….

  13. I’ve never heard of a hot tray outside of restaurants. I had one for a coffee mug a while back (a hot plate), but didn’t realize they made them larger for all kinds of things. I hope that your new one gets sorted out and is better quality than the last few. It’s always so frustrating when something made a while ago with such high quality finally goes and we have to content with lesser quality versions. Sometimes progress isn’t great. I hope that all is well Mandy. Have a great week!

  14. I don’t have a hot tray, Mandy, but I agree about the shoddy workmanship these days. Odd, isn’t it? In an age where we are very much aware of the limits to our resources, our manufactured goods last just a fraction of the time they once did. Shouldn’t the reverse be true?

  15. many years ago i worked in an indonesian restaurant and we always put them on the table, they were the metal trays with little tea candles under them to keep the metal hot. very hot actually. I have never seen them again but wish I still had a couple. they were excellent.. now that you have reminded me i am going to look for them.. hope you have some luck with yours.. c

  16. OOohhh….This is same thing with my Tray My kids are very Naughty and always the Break all glasses and Trays after the trays Died then they are laughing and saying Sorry mama…How Cute and some time make me Angry…Nice even your tray is making with good material and Hot Tray Died…hmm Some Thing wrong.

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