Finally… I’m back!

It feels like an age since I sat down to write a post or popped over to read all your lovely blogs; I hope I haven’t missed out on too much in my absence.

Nicely rested with a lovely golden tan after a wonderful holiday with family, it’s time to get the ball rolling again, I’m just not sure where to start.

up river

A quick synopsis of our holiday… We watched in awe with tears streaming down our cheeks as  a friend with Parkinson’s disease stood up and sang in a hall filled with people he doesn’t know.  I honed my skills on reversing our boat trailer, learnt how to throw a throw net and even managed to net a few fish, took a good few blurry photo’s of our resident fish eagle, heard it’s magnificent call, saw a leguaan being attacked by starlings to steer it away from their nests; enjoyed many a breakfast on the river on our little boat – crispy bacon, boiled eggs and toasted seed loaf with a nice cuppa.  We enjoyed a few trips with my folks too which was awesome.  These morning rejuvenated our souls.  We spent a morning in the Addo National Elephant park.  I watched Pete skurf (skiing using a surfboard) for the first time in over 10 years – clearly it’s like riding a bike.  We celebrated my dad and Pete’s birthday and as with so many other meals, ate far too much wonderful food.  We tried in vein to get my mom to put her feet up after her second foot operation on both feet but alas she needs to mother us all – It is wonderful being spoilt by my mommy.  I went for a run most days – yay for me.  We viewed what we thought would be our new home but sadly it was not right, the second was beautiful and near perfect but alas it is out of our price range.  Our new forever home is around here somewhere, I’m just not sure exactly where it is yet.

Pete and I started the new year off by going for medicals and blood tests to check our cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, bmi, fitness and a few other things I have already forgotten- oops.  Seems our medical company is a wee bit confused though as with one of the results I am a year younger than my actual age and with another set of results I am two years older!  Maybe I am supposed to subtract the one from the other to get my actual age.  Haa.  Oh well, guess there is no exact science to it all. Overall I am healthy so there’s a luck although I do seem to be being wrapped over the knuckles for enjoying a glass or two of red wine in the evenings, other than that according to their criteria I am practising 6 of the 7 lifestyle habits. I’m happy with that.

I must confess to not taking many photos this holiday.  I was enjoying the moments of happiness far too much to interrupt them with my camera.

I know that 2014 is going to be a wonderful year for us all and I am looking forward to enjoying the journey with you all.


55 thoughts on “Finally… I’m back!

  1. Welcome back, Mandy! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post this morning while sipping my coffee. What a lovely time you’ve had! I’m looking forward to more of your posts in the coming months!

  2. We missed you but we’re glad you spent your time so well! Congrats on the health situation, and it’s fine to let yourself indulge every so often. Now, go and put on plenty of moisturiser so that the tan doesn’t fade too quickly 😉

    • Thanks Kim! It really was the most wonderful time. I have just slipped on my favourite pink T-shirt and getting ready for my run. I will send you pics soon. Much love from a beautifully hot South Africa. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  3. It sounds like you had a very refreshing break and that you’re ready to attack the new year head on. It’s good to know that you’re both healthy and I don’t think it’s an issue to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine at the end of the day xx

    • Thanks Smidge! I realised the results can’t be 100% correct so I am not worried about it at all, although it is a wee bit horrible seeing your age as being 2 years older. Good motivator. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  4. Hi Mandy. It all sounds fab. Good on you. Glad you passed all the blood tests, I am going to have a few myself as part of a regular check up. It is good to get the all clear.

  5. Well it’s wonderful to have you back and it sounds like you had an idyllic time off. Now my understanding is that a couple of glasses of red wine is HEALTHY for you…my mother in law would have her glass every night and lived into her mid-nineties. Reversing a boat trailer is a major accomplishment, or I should say reversing a boat trailer & not hitting anything (like I did) is major. Welcome back.

  6. Hi Mandy, It is nice to see you out and about in the blog world. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday and are as fit as a fiddle. I’m looking forward to what you will be sharing with us this year.

  7. There’s nothing better than being too busy enjoying life to document the enjoyment!! So glad you had a true retreat and renewal time. Surely that means the year-younger medical analysis is the correct one. And unless you’re 19 years old, your picture tells me you’re much younger than a year younger than your biological age anyway. So glad you had great family time and wonderful adventures and all of that; the house of your dreams is sure to follow (fingers crossed here)!

    Many, many hugs, and welcome back!

    • Kath, you are the best! Thank you for such beautiful compliments. You have made me feel 19ish. 😉 Hope you don’t have to cross fingers too long for us.
      Have a happy love filled weekend. 🙂 xo

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