Lack of Food Posts

As most of you know, Pete is away a lot of the time which means you will also know I get suckers on my butt and sit at the computer far too long which means supper is always an easy throw together meal.


When Pete is home, it is not for extended periods of time so we always enjoy his favourite meals and lots of braais (barbecues) so there is nothing new to share with you, very sad I know.

Every now and again I will get a sudden rush of blood to the brain and will make something scrumity like the Anchovy, Garlic, Tomato Pasta, or indulge in Sticky Chicken Wings but for the most part, I throw a chicken with some veggies and  spuds in the oven.  I have been known to get extravagant and on occasion even make gravy.  This will serve me well for at least 3 meals with leftovers to add to a salad.  A couple of other quick favourites are steak and salad or a piece of fresh fish and salad.

I will work on getting back in the kitchen to share something new and delicious with you.


43 thoughts on “Lack of Food Posts

  1. It’s an interesting dilemma for food bloggers – we don’t always want to be eating new dishes, we love our old favourites too! We just love hearing from you and seeing photos of your home and surroundngs. And that apple is gorgeous 🙂

  2. You are just like me! If I don’t have anyone to cook for then I just sort of graze when I feel like I’m going to pass out. I always thought I was the only one to have boxed cereal for dinner though – sometimes I get really fancy & toss some fresh fruit on top.

    • I have been known to eat standing in front of the fridge with the door open! Naughty! Cereal is usually my pudding. I love the idea of adding some fresh fruit Diane. Covering some of the food groups in one bowl – very clever! Have a super day and hope your daughters training is going well. I am improving all the time but still need time (I am a bit slow on the up take) to get to an optimum level of fitness. 🙂 xo

  3. I’m impressed you make chicken and veggies for yourself. That’s far more ambitious than I was on the nights Mike was away (before kids). I would eat lots of pasta and pizza. 🙂 I think it’s so hard to cook decent meals for yourself – especially with the suckers. 😉

  4. I’m with the Chica on this. We love hearing from you and I am the same way, not always making something new and different and even when I do, sometimes I don’t change someone else’s recipe a bit. In fact, I’ve not posted for those two reasons. We all need to give ourselves a break on that one. Have a lovely day, Mandy.

  5. They’re right, our friends: every real-life cook has times when the done-it-before comforts are the best preparations for the day, and frankly, all the more so for a food blogger, who is spending so much time and energy on the work of the blog, right on top of daily life *and* the need/desire for easier and already well-known foods. So it’s miraculous that you get so much fantastic and delicious and beautiful and educational food-related stuff up here so consistently! That you do so with such good cheer and intelligence is all the better. And I’m with those who’ve said that it’s not only the food that fascinates us here. Your eye for beauty, your delight in whatever adventures life hands you (household fun, running, travel, time at the beach, family events, your furry children, you name it)—it’s all part of the reason we come here time and again. In short, it’s *you* we come to visit, not just your grand cookery.

    Big hugs to YOU!

  6. Hi Mandy. I understand completely. I am ‘home alone’ at the moment and I have just put a potato in the microwave on sensor cook to have with a steak and some tomatoes and rocket. Hardly blogging material. 🙂

  7. Hi, no worries. We can all wait until you are ready to start up again. I am really looking forward to reading your upcoming posts.

  8. Mandy, I always enjoy your photos…they are so good. Maybe you could share what it happening in your own backyard when you have a spare moment…I know it would be a pleasant change from all the snow I’m looking at. 🙂

  9. I would just love to be home alone for just an hour-enjoy the freedom. My teenagers are always begging for food, but most of those are just food for fuel meals never get documented on my blog either. Enjoy the freedom of eating what you wish and when you wish and I think that the BBQ and gravy sounds delicious.

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