In My Kitchen – April 2014

I am amazed at how quickly the year is passing by.  April has arrived and I am no closer to achieving writing a chapter a month on my book  as I had hoped.  Missing an IMK post however won’t happen. So…

In my kitchen…

Is the most beautiful Batik tablecloth which Pete brought back from Nigeria.  I love the shades of blue.

Nigerian tablecloth

In my kitchen…

Is Kenyan tea which Pete brought home for me.  I said to Pete I could move to Kenya for their fabulous tea.  I would love to share some with you all.

Kenyan tea

In my kitchen…

Is a soy moisturising body candle which I was gifted as a thank you for baking cupcakes.  The candle has the most wonderful smell, a mixture of rose, geranium and jasmine essential oils.

Soy candle

In my kitchen…

Are kitty treats waiting to be decanted.  Our little boy will not settle at night until he has had his fishy treat.  He often wakes me up in the middle of the night with a head-butt while kneading my pillow purring loudly in my ear and won’t stop until I give him another treat.


In my kitchen…

Are tick and flea treatments.  A reminder it’s the beginning of the month and the fur babies need their next dose.  Quite a traumatic experience for us all!  Wish I could make them understand it is for their own good.


What’s in your kitchen this month?  Please remember to link back to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial if you partake in the fun.


58 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – April 2014

  1. Love your list, especially that beautiful batik table cloth. There’s something about interesting textiles that always catch my eye. Is there more than one kitty in your home? My boys were so close to convincing their mamma to adopt a beautiful tabby that needed a new home (and we were just picking up Miss Abby from the vet!).

    Have a wonderful week!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Allison. We have 3 kitties. One old girl and two youngsters who we brought back from Mauritius. All of them came to us and never left. Have a wonderful week too. 🙂 xo

  2. Mandy,
    I Love peeking inside your kitchen! Fabulous. Interesting. I’m so nosy.
    Love your cat stuff, candle, & the cover of your tea bag w/ the leopard!


  3. That is indeed a beautiful tablecloth and Pete’s so thoughtful with his terrific gifts. I’m laughing about the kitty treats since I’ve got The Moe needing the pillow beside me as I type. Little devil is so spoiled that he just eats his treats off the top of his food and then comes screaming to me that he’s sooo hungry.
    Do you get a lot of ticks where you are? We get a little relief in the winter but it only takes 1 mild day for them to start up and we just pulled one off Lola’s head yesterday (and this is with snow still on the ground!).

    • Aah yes, spoilt would definitely describe our 3 too Diane. We do get ticks – we have loads of bush surrounding us and our younger 2 love gallivanting and exploring. Revolution really works well so is well worth it’s money. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  4. Loving that tablecloth and candles! And had to laugh at the tick treatment – mine are the same, it’s just a couple of drops on the back of their necks but you would think I’m sending them to the guillotine with the way they glare at me when I do it!

  5. April already! Time is flying, Mandy, and your trip here is coming fast. When were you coming again? 🙂
    Your cat and his nightly treat is so like Max and his. He will drive me nuts all evening until I give him his special treat. The problem is that if I give it to him too soon, he’ll start begging for another. I cannot win — and I swear he knows it.

    • When did you say the marathon was again – am I not supposed to be training for that…
      Seems your Max and my boy are in cahoots with each other!
      Have an awesome day John and yip, can you believe it’s April already! 🙂 xo

  6. Mandy, gorgeous batik tablecloth – how nice to see an African version – all the batiks I’ve seen have been Asian, with quite different designs. The tea sounds delicious, but I have to ask – how can a candle be body moisturising? Surely you don’t rub it on your skin? 😉

    • I shall have to look out for an Asian batik Celia, they must be beautiful. Yip, you use the candle as a moisturiser. I also thought it was odd at first, but because it is made from soy, not sure how the whole thing works, you can use it to moisturise your skin. It feels beautifully silky soft. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  7. Ohhhh goodie. Tea, I love speciality tea, it’s the cheapest way to visit a foreign country I think, wish you could send me a leaf or two. 🙂

    In my kitchen… Hmmmmm… Well this month just gone, not much at all sadly. March was one of the busiest I’ve experienced in for ever, pretty grateful for my toaster and microwave. Bad chef I am. Lol!

    Thanks for sharing your goodies. Have a fabulous week lovely lady. Xxx

    • What is your address Anna. Let’s see if I can get some tea to you – I shall send you our Rooibos to try. 😀
      Where would we be without a toaster and microwave some days hey.
      Have a fabulous week to dear. 🙂 xo

  8. Stunning tablecloth, Peteboy can shop for me anytime, with a cloth like this at the top of thelist. Scocrates will be glad you reminded me about the tick/flea stuff, I’ll do it as soon as the rain stops. LOL Beryl

  9. So I must know, ‘what is a body candle?’. Is it a candle you can also rub on your bodey as a moisturiser (as implied on the box)? Is the residual soy ‘wax’ used for something? Thanks for piqueing my interest!

    • Hi Fiona, yip, you use the melted wax as a moisturiser – most amazing stuff! Leaves your skin beautifully silky smooth. The more you use it as a moisturiser, the more it burns away but it’s well worth it. I light my candle every evening when I have my bath. Thanks for stopping by and have a super day. 🙂 xo

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