What’s been happening

Since being away a few things have happened.

The most important and fabulous of them all as a few of you already know was Pete’s accolade of being awarded the Business Continuity Consultant of the year from the BCI (Business Continuity Institute) of London.

awards 3

Business Continuity Consultant of the Year
In this category the judges will be looking for evidence of exceptional all round skills across the full spectrum of BCM capability. Applicants will have in depth and breadth of experience and will be able to demonstrate how they have helped clients, from a wide client base, embrace BCM techniques and embed BCM within their organisation’s culture. The winner of this category will be able to show the judges that they have an innovative approach to the discipline, are an outstanding problem solver and a worthy ambassador for the Business Continuity Management sector. All entries should include the length of time the entrant has been involved in BCM and any relevant professional qualifications they have as well as any examples of contributions made to the growth of the discipline in local territories.

This winning individual is a consummate professional, with passion and drive for his customers. His diverse background includes extensive knowledge and experience in Business Continuity, from delivering countless BCM projects, to developing customised BCM strategies. His entrepreneurial spirit and leadership has given him exposure to different sectors and verticals in business and the market.

The winner of this category has more than 5 years’ experience as a dedicated Business Continuity Manager. Judging focused on how the individual has used Business Continuity Management techniques across their employing organisation to improve overall resilience. Evidence of effective responses to individual impacts weighed to the application, which could be further enhanced by showing how BCM has influenced strategic thinking within the organisation. In this category judges looked for a unique individual who has truly embedded BCM using creative and original approaches and techniques.

Business Continuity Consultant of the Year
Peter Frielinghaus MBCI,
Senior BCM Advisor
at ContinuitySA

PJF BCI award

It was wonderful to be with Pete when he won this very well deserved award and to see how loved and respected he is by his colleagues – they couldn’t wait to come and congratulate him.  I have never seen such genuine and heartfelt respect for my husband by his peers before.  It makes his being away from home so often much easier.

Awards 9………

After succumbing to the constant harassment from my family, I cut my  hair.  I had about 9 inches (22cm) chopped off the length.  Not entirely sure how happy I am yet and think I would have preferred it all one length.  There is a small piece in the front that has been cut shorter and constantly irritates me plus the ends flick in all different directions no matter how I try and blow wave it.  Good thing is it will grow.  You can see the length in the picture above.

Clearly I am similar to Samson who lost his strength when his hair was cut as  I lost a portion of my brain for a while as I gave myself a second degree burn on the inside of my hand.  It hurt like all kinds of hell and hope I minimised the blistering by immediately putting lavender oil over the burn and sitting with my hand in a bowl of water for 6 hours!  I also took 8 aspirin over the course of the evening – probably more than I take in 2 years.  For 2 days afterwards, I had a bad case of tinnitus which I put down to perimenopause and after consulting Google found it to be a side effect of taking excess amounts of aspirin. Oops!


I am now an official member of our community’s Police forum.  It really is important to be part of the change you want to see and having the official member status makes my voice all that more important plus it is nice being in the know of what is happening in our village.

cpf emblem

If it wasn’t enough to burn my hand, my beater broke while mixing icing.  I am not a Kenwood or Kitchen Aid owner – maybe one day but in the meanwhile I have started pricing new electric mixers.  I must have missed a few chapters as I think they are frightfully expensive.


The lovely Kristy over at Eat, Play, Love and I have started a tea exchange.  Not entirely sure how the whole thing is going to work yet, we are the guinea pigs.  I am delighted to say Kristy’s “American” tea has arrived with me and my South African Rooibos has yet to get to her.  There was a mix-up at our post office which caused a 3 week delay in it leaving here! I will do a review next week Tuesday.  If you would like to be part of our tea exchange, please let me know.

Kristy's teaRight, that’s enough rambling from me for today.  What’s been going on with you?


64 thoughts on “What’s been happening

  1. Good morning darling, you are looking beautiful in that shot, congrats to hubby and good luck with the burn.. Kristy has the BEST teas, i hope she sent the lemon, it is my favourite.. i look forward to your reviews.. love love.. c

  2. CONRATS))) to Peter for Business Continuity Consultant of the year!! I should have known you’d have an awesome, wonderful guy, Mandy!

    LOoooooooooVE that photo of you guys. What a HANDSOME couple!! xxxx

  3. wow, how lovely you are 🙂
    congrats to your husband for the achievement, it must be a huge satisfaction…
    aaaw, how lovely the tea exchange, i love to exchange typical products with other bloggers!Have a great day!Cris

  4. Congratulations to your husband on his award and I’m looking forward to the photos. What a lovely photo of the two of you. A radical hair cut is always a source of angst. Never mind, if you don’t like it, it will grow back xx

    • Thanks so much Charlie! I hope I can get used to the shorter hair, I will get a new styling brush in town tomorrow – hopefully that will help – it’s been forever since I had it this short. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 xo

  5. Congrats to Pete! It is a wonderful feeling to know your husband is so well liked and respected–it’s like someone else discovering what we (their wives) already knew.
    I read somewhere that hair grows approx 9 inches a year, so you don’t have too long to wait until it is the length you really like. 🙂 So sorry about your hand, burns are the worst! 😦

    • Hi Judy, thank you for your lovely words and for the reassurance about my hair growth, I should be back to where I was this time next year. Yay. 🙂 I was so angry with myself about the burn – hopefully lesson learnt. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 xo

  6. Congratulations to you and Pete. What a lovely photograph of you both. You look very glamorous. Love the new hair. I know exactly what you mean about having short bits at the front. My hair is long and I have to be able to tie it all back in a pony tail, otherwise it annoys me. I love the fact that the award is an elephant, my favourite animal of all. Can’t wait to see your photographs. Take care. Emma xx

  7. Such an honor for Pete and it sounds so well deserved. You both look terrific in that picture and I LOVE you hair! Quite the attractive couple.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your burn, those are so painful but I could have told you about that tinnitus…had the same thing happen to me once.
    So what is this police forum you’re on? Is it like a committee for recommendations … You don’t go busting in doors arresting people do you :). It’s always good to get involved in your community.

    • Diane, you are so kind, thank you and yes, Pete is very well deserving of all the praise! The tinnitus was not fun, especially after the pain I was in. Now, how I wish I could go around busting down doors and arresting people – haa haa. The policy forum is more of an awareness committee where we locals interact with the police on crime in our community and the well being of our fellow people. Have a beautiful day and hoping your hip is 100% now, as I am sure you are busy with all the engagement party plans. 🙂 xoxoxo

  8. Fabulous! The tea! So glad it made it all in one piece. Looking forward to hearing how you liked it. I meant to make a cup before I left the house today but forgot. Tomorrow for sure! Congratulations to Pete. What a wonderful honor!!! And I just adore the picture of the two you – such a gorgeous couple!! I hope that your burn is feeling better. Sounds like something I would do. I swear the kitchen may be the end of me someday. (Either that, or I need to start paying more attention to what I’m doing!)

    • The teas were fabulous! If mine don’t arrive in the next week or so, I will send a new batch. I could not go a few hours without tea, let alone a day.
      I am so incredibly proud and happy for Pete. Thank you for your lovely compliment. 😀 The burn is much better thanks. I get so angry when I burn myself, although I have never burnt so badly before. You would think with us being in the kitchen every day would eliminate such silliness! Have a wonderful day and here’s to your tea arriving soon! 🙂 xo

  9. Mandy, that is such a prestigious award, congratulations to your Pete! Such an exciting event for you both, and you look absolutely lovely with your new haircut! Good on you for your community involvement – as you say, it’s important to be active in seeking change.. xxx

  10. So often, Mandy, when people say they’ve been busy, it’s not for the best of reasons. I’m so glad that isn’t the case here. Congratulations to your Pete! What an honor and how proud you must have been to see the accolades bestowed upon him by his peers. Such wonderful news! And you’ve become more involved in your community? That’s always a good thing. Sorry, though, to read about your hand. I hope it’s doing better.
    By the way, now that you’re an official of your community, does protocol dictate that I meet you at the airport in a limo with tiny SA flags flapping on each front fender? 🙂

    • John, yes, it is so nice to have happy busy. My Pete is an incredible man who deserves all the praise in the world!
      Thankfully the hand is all better now, mostly.
      I laughed out loud when I read about the limo and flags, although, it might not be the worst idea. Hee hee. Imagine!
      Have a beautiful day John. 🙂 xoxo

  11. Everyone else has recognized it too: you look gorgeous no matter what the length of your hair. It’s a grand picture of both of you, and I’m so impressed with both of you for your work accomplishments as well: Pete for his hard-earned recognition as BCC of the Year (and with a handsome sculptural commemoration to boot), and you now joining the Community Police Forum along with all of the blogging, family and other multitudinous tasks you already do so diligently and artfully. I stand in deep admiration.

    I do hope your burn will heal swiftly and fully. Nasty bit, that. No matter how careful and skillful we are, accidents can happen! I seem to have been on a bit of a bender with self-inflicted accidental wounds lately, so I hope both of us have it out of our systems!!! Best prophylactic against scars is massage, so I think your rubbing in lavender oil will not only soothe your frayed nerves but continue to help your skin regenerate. 🙂 I’m almost to the point where I can start the massaging of oil into my skinned knee; it had kept cracking open so often, being at that inconvenient location and constantly knocked against, that I couldn’t keep enough scab on it to treat until now. Ha. I do know from previous experience that the hands are pretty much the worst place to have wounds, and the hardest to protect after the fact, so will hope you have good luck with healing yours, my dearest!!!


    • Aww Kath, thank you! Thankfully the burn is well, almost better. My skin is still peeling in odd places and the skin is bright pink and healthy. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your knee! What a bother and yes, here’s to it being out of our systems. 😀 I am a firm believer in lavender oil for so many things, from burns, to scratches, to headaches, to pure soothing. Why is it that we always have to hurt ourselves in the most inconvenient of places on our body. Here’s to us both being pain free, scar free and well over our silliness.
      Have a beautiful love filled day my dear Kath. 🙂 xoxoxo

  12. Fist bump, high fives & happy dancing for your Pete, what a TOTAL legend. And seriously, that trophy is possibly the coolest I have ever seen. All awards should have awesome animals on them. 🙂 Congratulations tho, that’s one heck of an award.
    Now, what the bajinkas are you on about with your cheeks (refer to almost ALL my images for the chipmunk cheeks, I look like I’m storing food for winter) and wrinkles? Ha… NOPE!!! What I do see however is that you look absolutely gorgeous and good on you for getting involved with that community project – all for actively seeking change. Proud of you! 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing how the tea swap works. I was a part of one last month, the package I sent never made it, currently Australia Post on trying to find it.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hugs and loves across the oceans. xox

    • Aww Anna, you are the best! Love your happiness and kindness! I am really starting to get worried about my parcel not arriving with Kristy either! Postal services are clearly not what they used to be – had major issues trying to get mine just leave here! Hugs and love right back to you my dear sweet Anna. Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂 xoxoxo

  13. Good and bad things. Congratulations to Pete…you have to be so very proud of him. You are a wonderful looking couple. Sorry to hear about the terrible burn to your hand but happy to know that it healed nicely.

    • Karen, thank you so much for your very kind words. I am always incredibly proud of Pete. 🙂 Each time I think about how horrible the burn was, I still get cold shivers. Have a wonderful and happy week ahead. 🙂 xo

  14. Oh Mandy I’m sorry I’ve missed so much of your news 😦 Huge congrats to Pete on the award…wow! And you are soooo beautiful and congrats to you too on supporting Pete becuase I’m sure he couldn’t do it without you. DO hope the burn is better now….eeek 😦

    • Aww, you are so kind Tanya, thank you! Thankfully the burn is now just a memory. Have a beautiful weekend. My Pete is home for a few days and we are heading out to see his brother and family. 🙂 xo

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