Running slow

Humph.  I am not a very happy girl with my running at the moment.  I was doing so well and 5km was starting to be a  really comfy distance with an ever improving time and then something (I still do not know what) happened – my whole body felt like lead and tired, my legs didn’t want to move, my lungs felt like they were working at a quarter of what they should be.  So frustrating!

My times were getting slower and slower and my sub 36 minutes soon became 40 minutes again!  Shock and horror!

Zanzibar tortoise

I feel like this fellow – slow and tired

Not sure there is an exact science with this whole running thing but I have been told there are a number of contributing factors, which I understand but surely they can’t carry on for weeks at a time!

Moving swiftly along from feeling sorry for myself, I have incorporated more biking into my weekly routine until I can get over myself and back on track.

Do you also go through slumps?  What do you do when it happens?

52 thoughts on “Running slow

  1. Oh yes, I just got over a slump. For a while I felt like the fellow in the photo, thought I had tired blood but then realized I had not been eating proper meals and not sleeping well, decided to get back to a routine and am feeling myself again. For me eating and sleeping well are key to feeling good.

  2. Hi Mandy
    I have been following your blog since you helped me with a recipe my mom made me when I was in my teens and twenties`from the Woman’s Home Companion Cookbook that you reviewed. Thank you again for that. When I saw that you were running it reminded me of my former wife who started running and never stopped. Kind of like Forrest Gump; a character in a movie that was quite good. She is a marathon and triathlon runner now and she gets vitamin deficiencies which cause problems sometimes. I think we all do at one time or another. I like to cook but don’t as much as I should because I end up throwing food away sometimes which bothers me a lot. As a result I get some problems that creep up on me. I have been low on energy myself. Well, recently because I do not have a juicer I started drinking a lot of V8 which is a whole lot of juiced veggies and I quickly saw an improvement in my vision and energy. It was quite noticeable. Maybe it is just something as simple as diet. I hope you find the answer. All my best to you and I am sure you will pass through this period in short order.

    • Hi Daniel, thank you for stopping by and for your suggestion of a possible vitamin deficiency. I eat healthy most of the time with the odd cheat here and there but think stress might also be a contributing factor. Have a wonderful day and I will post about my progress again soon. 🙂 xo

  3. I admire you for continuing on with your running. When I was a teenager I ran all the time and it was absolutely effortless. The way you have described the current state of your running is exactly how I felt when I got back into it recently. I would like to do more running but my lower back just can’t handle it, along with all the other injuries I sustained! I hope your current situation is just temporary xx

    • Charlie I wish I had started running when I was a teenager – sure it would have been so much easier now plus I would be used to all these changes. So sorry you have so many injuries! Think I will just run at a pace that is comfy and not push myself too much for a while. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  4. I used to be an avid runner but then found out I was in a slump bored out if my mind so started to cross train swim yoga etc… My body was never bored always sore from using new muscles

  5. Oh I’ll bet you could beat that guy, he looks like he’s sleeping but then again I’m not sure how to tell if a tortoise is sleeping or not. Hey, everyone goes through slumps and sometimes you get a little bug or something that slows you down. It’s good that you’re still biking and sometimes I know my daughter found it helpful to do cross training. I know when she was skating competitively that she didn’t just take skating lessons. She had to do off ice training and ballet. Her coach even had to give her specific exercises to counter scoliosis which she developed from over training in her skating. You see all a skater’s jumps and spins go in the same direction because your body has a natural rotation. As a result her back muscles developed on one side. She still has the scoliosis which causes one hip to be higher than the other. I know that’s not your situation, but maybe just a little reason for doing other types of exercises for balancing things out. Don’t you worry, you’ll be out there beating the shell off that big guy soon.

    • Isn’t it odd how being healthy and exercising in one for another can have adverse effects on our bodies – think I shall stay away from skating – don’t need any more ailments! Poor Niki. Will set a new world record beating a tortoise – soon! Haa haa. Have a wonderful day Diane. 🙂 xo

  6. Slumps? You bet! I can’t imagine anything I could sustain at the same pace and level endlessly; it’s all hills, plateaus, and valleys for me. The closest thing I’ve ever found to an antidote is simply continuing to move forward. If it has to be slower, or on a bike, or in a vehicle, or being dragged by my shirt-collar by a helpful encourager…so be it. If it’s out of a valley, it *will* be harder. Even from a plateau, it can be a challenge to keep any sense of momentum. But there are different views from each of those spots, so I’m not averse to looking around to see if they’re indicating I might want or need to take a different route onward than a straight line from where I’ve been heading up until then. Patience, persistence, and dedication are all antithetical to my nature, but they’re the only way through or out of a rut, so I keep trying to learn those darned skills in spite of my resistance!!! Blogging is about as close as I’ve gotten yet, but even that will have to change over time, I’m quite sure.

    Whatever path you take, however you choose to traverse it, I believe in you, Beautiful. You’ll figure out what you want and need. Hold on!



  7. Yeah, I experience the same bump and slump sometimes in some of the things that I do. I think it’s a natural phase that needs to pass. I’m sure you’ll be up and lightning fast again in no time! Enjoy 🙂

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  8. Oooooooo dear! I hate when the exercise humps happen, they are so disheartening. And they seem to happen at the strangest times too. I am kind of in one at the moment too. I was zooming along with my Bikram Yoga, going every day, feeling really strong, then bam… I just couldn’t find it in me to do what I had done so easily before. Sigh!!! I try to not get too down on me, keep doing what I can, smile and laugh and know that you’ll get back to a happy place and rhythm with it soon. Thinking of you my friend, sending you energy and hugs and loves. Mwah! xox

  9. I’ve been in a 22-year slump with running, haha. I’m much more of the yoga, zumba mindset, but even with those, once you miss a few days or don’t feel up to it, it’s so hard to motivate yourself to keep going.

    • It’s scary how quickly we can become complacent and how much harder it is to get going again. I think it’s time to incorporate a bit of yoga again. It’s been a few years since I was flexible! Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  10. Oh, I can definitely have these slumps. Even from day to day. I’ve had the lead feeling and on a few occasions I’ve had difficulty breathing (when the day before I had a great run). I can’t figure it out. I don’t know if it’s food, diet, sleep, the air quality or some of each. It happens in my yoga too. One day I’m strong, flexible and can hold balances for what feels like hours. The next day I can’t stand on one foot. When my runs get that way I push as long as I can, then just walk. I figure it’s better than nothing. Then I just keep at it. 🙂 Great call on the bike!

    • Kristy I am so pleased it is not just me! It is incredibly frustrating and I also think it is a combination of things so I am trying not to take it personally. Have a super day and I really hope your tea hasn’t fallen off of a truck somewhere. 🙂 xo

  11. Love the tortoise. I’m having a bit of a slump at the moment with my blog, but there’s so much going on in our lives that I just have to take a step back for a while. The best thing to do is not beat yourself up about your running. I do a lot of yoga and I have good days and bad days too. Sometimes my postures are really good, other days they go to pieces. Emma xx

    • Kim, we would walk for hours and hours! I took the pic of the tortoise when we were on honeymoon in Zanzibar. Have a beautiful day my dear and hope all is well with you. Love and hugs across the oceans to you. 🙂 xoxoxo

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