Women’s Home Library – Practical Cookery For All

This old book from the pile is a little worse for wear and the only record I can find on Google is a copy that is for sale, so sadly I cannot tell you  what year it was published.   I do think it is a little younger than the Rumford Complete Cook Book and Mrs Beeton’s Family Cookery book.

Women's Home Library Cookery

The book is broken up into 4 main sections: Principles of Cookery, Recipes, Balanced Menu’s and Diets and Entertaining in the Home.

The Principle of Cookery is broken into cooking equipment and cookery methods, then preparation of foods and basic cookery methods.

The cooking equipment sections has everything you will need to know about the kitchen, tools of the trade, how to store food, cookery methods, cookery terms, how to weigh and measure, how to season food and useful herbs.

spoon measures

If you didn’t know what rounded and heaped meant – now you do

The preparation of foods section cover all groups: milk, cheese, eggs, fish, meat, bacon and ham, poultry and game, salads, vegetables and fresh and preserved fruit.

The basic cookery methods cover, stocks and soups, fish and oils, sauces, cerelas, puddings and jellies, how to make pastry, bread and yeas baking, cakes, Confectionery and substitutes.  I want to try a few of the pastry recipes – I like that there is a separate recipe for each flaky and puff pastry.

counter top oven

A nunu counter top oven. A great use of a small space.

The Recipes chapter even has 5 pages on how to make your own wine. Not sure I like the idea of parsnip wine though.

Parsnip wine recipe

Who would have thought a parsnip can hiss

The Balanced Menus and Diet chapter has pages and pages on menus for all four seasons, how to eat a balanced diet, children’s diets and the special dietary requirements for illness and convalescence.

The fun Entertaining in the Home chapter has hints for the hostess, table setting for all occasions, how to choose and serve wines, picnics, children’s parties, and the art of carving.


All very formal this picnic preparation

I want to try the recipe for crème caramel.  Best not make it with just me at home though.  Eating 4 portions myself would lead to additional unnecessary running.


32 thoughts on “Women’s Home Library – Practical Cookery For All

  1. What a fascinating old book. That cooker is amazing. So small and yet it seems to fit so much into it and even a plate warming section. Like you, I’ll pass on the parsnip wine xx

  2. I love that futuristic compact oven that even has a plate-warming compartment! Wouldn’t mind having one of those even now…. And I think I feel a poem about hissing parsnips coming on! Parsnip wine?? Ummmmmm….not so much! 😉

    Love and hugs!!

    • I also love the oven Kath! Wonder why they don’t still make them for apartments and singletons. Hissing parsnips, hee hee. Would love to read that. Have a wonderful day. Love and hugs right back to you. 🙂 xoxo

  3. What a treasure you got there. Wondering what the parsnips wine taste like? Interesting and so detailed picnic preparations. Sounds like a fun cookbook to peruse.

  4. After all that pedantic level, rounded, heaped spoon information, I was surprised at the parsnip wine recipe. I mean really, how much is “a little yeast”? A pinch? A smidge? A dash? A blob? They must have been at the cooking sherry when they wrote that recipe. 🙂

  5. I love that table top cooker thing – just what I need in my current kitchen crisis! And heck, I’d even try the parsnip wine – I expect after the 4th or 5th glass you’d stop caring what you were drinking 😉

  6. Awh Man…. I just wrote a comment but it didn’t post. Sigh!
    Parsnip wine…. Ummmm YUK! Why would anyone think that was a tasty drink. Lol!
    Digging the picnic prep tho, totes following those guidelines when we picnic together in around 357 days. Love and hugs to you my amazing friend. Have a great weekend. xox

    • Bugger – sorry your other comment went AWOL. Woohoo, the countdown has started! So exciting! Have a beautiful weekend too hon. Pete is home for a week from today! YAY for me! 🙂 xoxoxo

    • I know! Imagine preparing for a family outing! I would be exhausted before even leaving for the picnic. 🙂
      We will have to enjoy a crème caramel together one day. Oh that will be lovely!
      Have a beautiful love filled happy week ahead my dear. 🙂 xo

  7. This book is a hoot – I love it! Look at that little table cooker – it looks like you keep the plates warm on the right side which is actually a neat idea. As for the parsnip wine, well I bet it could take some skin off your nose. Do let us know if you decide to give it a try but if it’s going to hiss at you, I’d suggest letting it ferment out in the shed.
    That picnic sounds like whoever is going on it has help not only with prep and packing, but probably also a butler to carry the load of food once you get to the picnic site. it sounds like an exhausting picnic if you’re doing it yourself.

    • This book is a real hoot Diane. I had to share the parsnip wine with everybody. Hmm, I doubt I would make it but will definitely let you know if I do. I need a nap after reading about the picnic prep. Goodness me!
      Have a beautiful week ahead Diane. 🙂 xo

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